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a tan or beige surface color

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I have a three point question here if you don't mind. I have a 1960 proof quarter that has like a light green haze in the mirror fields and a 1957 that has a hazy beige color in the mirrors as well. I have a 1960 Franklin half that has the same type of haze but a little darker beige color in the fields with like a light hazy milk background in the mirror fields. All of these coins come straight out of a US mint Proof set which was sealed in some kind of Cellophane I quess. Is there any help for these coins as they have a Great Cameo. Thanks in advance for any information or help in this matter.


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Sounds like you have a few different things going on with your coins.



The 1960 25c may have residues or developed a light toning from its mint packaging. In either case, this is something than can usually be address with conservation.


The 1957 may be experiencing the same problem. However, it could also be a problem that started before the coin when into its mint packaging. Some proof coins develop spots that are white or beige and many time these spots can not be removed. The problem originates prior to being packaged and is most often seen on proofs from the 1960s.


All of your coins sound like suitable candidates for conservation, or at the very least a thorough evaluation. Contact our customer service department for more information.





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