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Somewhat new member here. :)

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Hey gang,

Its me KoinKollector over from the CU boards. Under the suggestion of EVP, i decided to come take a look over here. So far im liking it, lots more "coin" related threads. Im hoping we get a few more seated related threads than we do over at CU. I see we have EVP, TDN, Shiro, Taro and a few other seated guys. Well, time to turn in for the evening...


Oh yeah... For you of thoes that dont know me. Lets see...


I collect seated dimes by date/mm/variety. I recently sold a larger portion of my MS set to fund my college career. I know, I know... If you feel the need to send me free coins, please PM me for my address smile.gif. As of right now I am trying to complete my variety set. I already have most of the ones that would set me back the bigger bucks, IE the 39-O huge O, 41-O cl buds large & small O. Now only if someone out there has for me a 1839 pie shaped obverse crack? grin.gif Im pretty fanatical about 1876-cc dimes for some reason. I dunno, it was prob ebay and cherryin all the Type II reverses. Anyways, I have enough of thoes now to sink a ship. I enjoy learning about coins in general, but I mainly like to hear/see EVP, TDN, Shiro, Keoj or Oreville posting pictures of their awesome coins or sharing some of their vast knowledge about other seated series coins.


Ok, im off to bed for real this time



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Hi SeanJ and welcome. I am as inflicted, but not with seated material. confused.gif I'm fanatical about buffalo nickels and Jeffs. Nonetheless, I always enjoy the company of diversity! laugh.gif



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