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  1. Which is one of the reasons we have advocated for roughly the past 15 years for PCGS to follow NGC's lead and post images of every coin they certify. Ever since the fake slabs first appeared back in 2007 the counterfeiters have been using genuine serial numbers. When collectors check the serial numbers it comes back that a coin of that date and mint has been certified with that number, but that doesn't mean the coin in hand is the coin they certified. Images of the coin they certified allows you to compare it to the coin in hand to try an make sure it is the same coin and not a fake slab. Every coin NGC has slabbed in the past 15 years is imaged. Only a tiny fraction of PCGS coins are imaged.
  2. Not sure they could. As far as I can tell it would be perfectly legal. Bad idea, but legal. This is at least the third time it has been at least somewhat seriously proposed. That is the down side. Once they do it and find they can get away with it, every time they want to do more big deficit spending (which is all the time on both sides) they will just strike another coin or two and keep going. Hyperinflation in the past was from countries printing gobs of physical cash, but you can accomplish the same thing with electronic money. Don't bother, they're here. It doesn't have to be $1 Trillion dollar worth of platinum, it just has to BE platinum and have a denomination of $1 Trillion. It could be a quarter oz. if they wanted it to be, as long as it has $1 Trillion on it. Except the law already allows the Secretary of the Treasury to make platinum coins of any size or denomination he choses. He already has the authority so approval by Congress is not required. Title 31 Section 5112 (K) (k) The Secretary may mint and issue platinum bullion coins and proof platinum coins in accordance with such specifications, designs, varieties, quantities, denominations, and inscriptions as the Secretary, in the Secretary’s discretion, may prescribe from time to time.
  3. But what did fashionable women in the 1790's wear? From the first part of Moore 1834 letter it seems that the cap on the capped bust silver coinage was the fashionable headwear in the early 1800's
  4. Which means that for number issued after June 25, 2011 the number groups don't mean anything, but they do for numbers issued before June 25, 2011. Of course since you can't tell by looking at the number when it was issued......
  5. It gives them an excuse for calling a coin with light wear on the high points "Uncirculated."
  6. Yes it is a doubled die, looks like pivoted hub doubling with the pivot point somewhere around 10:00. As mentioned most non-US doubled dies do not garner much interest or value.
  7. How many world tokens are valued over $3,000? I would imagine they would be a very specialized field and finding the experts for authenticating them would not be easy.
  8. You just need it for the Proofs? For the most part Cohen didn't assign numbers to proof only varieties. 1825 B-2 C-2 proofs and business strikes 1826 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1828 B-2 C-3 proofs and business strikes 1829 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1831 B-1 C-1 proof only (original) 1831 B-2 C- - first restrike proof, no equivalent C# 1831 B-3 C- - second restrike proof, no equivalent C# 1832 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1832 B-2 C-2 proofs and business strikes 1832 B-3 C-32 proofs and business strikes 1833 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1834 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1835 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1835 B-2 C-2 proofs and business strikes 1836 B-1 C- - proof only (original), no equivalent C# 1836 B=1a C- - first restrike proof, no equivalent C# 1836 B-2 C- - second restrike proof, no equivalent C# Cohen did not assign numbers to the 1840 48 Proof only issues, originals or restrikes, Breen numbers are 1840 B-1a original 1840 B-1b restrikes Series VII 1840 B2 First Restrike 1840 B-3 Second Restrike 1841 B-1 original 1841 B-2 First Restrike 1841 B-3 Second Restrike 1842 B-1 original 1842 B-2 First Restrike 1842 B-3 Second Restrike 1843 B-1a original 1843 B-1b restrikes Series VII 1843 B2 First Restrike 1843 B-3 Second Restrike 1844 B-1 original 1844 B-2 First Restrike 1844 B-3 Second Restrike 1845 B-1a original 1845 B-1b restrikes Series VII 1845 B2 First Restrike 1845 B-3 Second Restrike 1846 B-1 original 1846 B-2 First Restrike 1846 B-3 Second Restrike 1847 B-1a original 1847 B-1b restrikes Series VII 1847 B2 First Restrike 1847 B-3 Second Restrike 1848 B-1a original 1848 B-1b restrikes Series VII 1848 B2 First Restrike 1848 B-3 Second Restrike 1849 B-1 original 1849 B2 First Restrike 1849 B-4 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1850 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1851 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1852 B-1 original, no equivalent C# 1852 B-2 First Restrike, no equivalent C# 1852 B-3 Second Restrike, no equivalent C# 1852 B-4 restrikes Series VII, no equivalent C# 1854 B-2 C- - proof only, no equivalent C# 1855 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1856 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1856 B-2a C- - proofs and business strikes no equivalent C# (copper) 1856 B-2b C- - Proof only, no equivalent C# (copper nickel 90/10) 1856 B-2c C- - Proof only, no equivalent C# (copper nickel 88/12) 1856 B-3 C- - Proof only, no equivalent C# 1857 B-1 C-1 proofs and business strikes 1857 B-2 C- - Proof only, no equivalent C#
  9. If the middle two stood for the state of issue then they are hiding more than 20 extra states someplace. Actually the first three numbers refer to the location of issuance, and that location is the office the application is submitted through and is not related to where you were born or live. In 1972 they made changes and it relates some how to the zip code of the office location. The last four digits are the actual serial number and are issued consecutively for location and group (second two numbers). When the serial number rolls over at 10,000 the group number changes. The group numbers are assigned starting with 01, then the odd numbers through 09. Then the even numbers 10 - 98, then the even numbers 02-08, and then finally the odd numbers 11-99. Since the Group and Serial numbers would only allow for 999,999 people I don't know what they would do once a office submits more than 1 million applications. Maybe close the office and all applications would have to go through a different one.
  10. I didn't include that one because they weren't made for circulation.
  11. There are so few top condition Morgans compared to ASE is due to how they were handled. ASE's are struck and tubed (I'm not sure of the handling from strike to packaging ) while the Morgan got no special handling, were packaged loose in bags and tossed around for counting purposes, and shipped around the country to vaults exposing them to much contact and vibration.
  12. You might also try this, it is the "replacement" for Newcombs book, it is easier to use, and unlike the images site that David posted it also gives desriptions of the different dies, plus the whole book can be downloaded for free.
  13. Due to redneck logic (on their part), I don't understand 2/3rds of the people who talk to me.
  14. We lead the way! We were one of, if not the first, country to introduce a small size unit coin. We are also the only one that didn't eliminate the unit note. We are also the only place the coin failed. Everyone else watched, learned from our mistake, and introduced successful coins. We repeated our mistake in 2000 and 2007.
  15. Fields apper hazed, there is something going on in the field to the right and below the arm, I'd like to look at it in hand through a loupe but it kind of looks like some of the lines in the stars have been strengthened. The area below liberty's chin is odd, reminds me of attempts to do artificial frosting.
  16. I said that on another forum, the mint found a way to keep low mintage high demand items on sale for a longer period of time........make the site crash more. There are limits to what the mint is allowed to charge, or at least their used to be.
  17. Leave it in the ATS holder and either send it in as a crossover, or just for straight grading (in the GSA holder) and NGC will handle the cracking out. That way you don't risk damaging the GSA holder.
  18. It also could have succeeded if they had stopped making dollar notes.
  19. I think your best course of action would be an XRF gun test. If its plated and the test doesn't penetrate the plating the nickel content will read way too high. If it is coppernickel you should get a reading of 75% copper 25% nickel. If it is plated brass and it DOES penetrate the plating then the ratio of copper and nickel will be important and whether or not there is zinc present and if so how much.
  20. One, it is not a coin, two, while it may be made in a mint in the US it's a private mint not a US Mint.
  21. And being a die clash there are probably "spitting eagles" for every year of the eagle reverse design.
  22. The OP said he sent the coin in, now Alex is sitting back eating the popcorn waiting for further developments.