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  1. I am a registry collector, though not in the top tier I guess. 🤷‍♂️ I guess it would be more accurate to say that I have my collection listed in the registry, though I'm not actively trying to pursue a top spot or anything. I had originally decided to go ahead and get them graded anyway, since I was planning on selling the set. But I made a stupid mistake this afternoon when I was opening the mail... I had several boxes, and got the packages confused and opened the Mint box by mistake. Oh well, problem solved. Can't submit the set now, unless I just send the eagles in by themselves - but then I break up this set. Shame, too, as to my untrained eye, they all look to be 70s IMO.. Stupid, careless, self inflicted error.. 😁
  2. It is frustrating, but understandable. This set only has a mintage of 50k, but it is comprised of 6 coins in much higher individual mintage numbers. NGC requires some submissions to be sent in unopened so they can be sure they're putting a 'set' label on coins that truly came from a set. (Otherwise some unscrupulous people might cherry pick the individual coins, submit it claiming it was the set to get the special label.)
  3. Very true, and this set is required to be submitted unopened, so I can't check the coins first.
  4. No idea. Naturally if they all grade out at pf70, there's some premium to be recouped, and the limited 50k mintage helps, but having to pay almost $250 just to get them graded (and as you mentioned, seeing the sets on eBay for not much more than cost) is not very encouraging.
  5. Thanks for the link Fenntucky Mike. I looked for it but couldn't find it, and it wasn't listed on the page with the set varieties or early release schedule. And yes, I planned to sell the set. But I was just doing some rough math now that I can see what the submission criteria is, and it looks like it will cost almost $250 to get it all graded, and I'm not sure that expense is recoverable. (at least not in the near term. Possibly if I hold onto the set for some time, but I guess that's always the dilemma.) Guess I have some thinking to do before it arrives. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. I have a couple questions about the 6 coin limited edition 2021 American Eagle silver proof set (21RCN). 1) Do you think this set is worth submitting for grading? 2) I don't see an article with submission instructions for this set (yet), but I was notified by the mint that it just shipped. Will there be special instructions, and perhaps will it receive a special designation? (To clarify, the reason I'm asking about special instructions is because I just submitted the 2 coin silver designer set (21XJ) and there were special instructions that said it must be submitted using Economy tier or higher, even though I thought it should have qualified for Modern). Thanks
  7. Thanks for the link. Can I clarify one thing? It says we must use economy or higher grading tier. Can you explain why the modern tier cannot be used? And also, do you have a similar submission guide for the 6 coin am eag silver proof set? (21RCN) Thank you