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  1. It's really hard to say especially with the only info I have on the coins is from a sweet old lady I got them from , my mom's older friend had them and I used to do handy man stuff around the house for her for years and I never once charged her any money and one day she came and got me after I was finishing up building some ramps for her house to make it more wheel chair friendly and she said I got something I wanna show you . she then told me how her dad loved rock hounding and metal detecting and that she had some of his treasures that he was really proud of digging up and said he would always bring them out and show his friends and then she said I've been waiting for the right person to give them to there was also a really cool ring that I still have I'll post a picture I know nearly nothing about it but it is really neat . So at least I do know that she thought they were something really special and I just cherish that she chose to leave them with me regardless if they are real or fake. She did say tho that her dad said they were silver coins.
  2. Its hard to tell from the picture but looks to be silver i could be wrong. I think i will send them in for grading just to make sure they arent authentic even tho you probably are right . Thank you for answer all my questions.
  3. Thank you i really appreciate your time in helping these coins really had me stumped. The lady i got them from for doing work for her didnt know much about them beside that her dad found them with his metal detector and he passed away so i couldnt ask him any questions. Only thing im kinda confused on is they look to be silver under the crudy residue. I can take some better picture if it would at all help . Again i wanna thank all of you for your time. And another question what do i do to comfirm they are fakes.
  4. Thank you i really appreciate the advice i will as soon as i get home.