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  1. I've been taking pics on eBay of highly graded Peace Silver Dollars, but there doesn't seem to be any grading CONSISTENCY! First of all, I can never seemingly find a PERFECT PEACE Silver Dollar, nor a STANDARD Picture (or Drawing) against which to compare. Secondly, from Wayne Miller's book "the Morgan and Peace Dollar Textbook" (and by the way, there is NO Published Date on this book Mr. Miller and Adam Smith Publishing, although from the readings I've gleaned a possible publishing date of Jan 1983...correct?) there are some weakly struck dates in the Peace series, with the San Francisco mint (per Miller's book) sonsistently under-pressing Peace Silver Dollars (to save wear/tear on the dies?). So, how DOES an eBay buyer discern the grade on eBay pictures of unslabbed Peace Silver Dollars?