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  1. No, I was responding back to an earlier request where you asked me to upload a photo of the coin detail so it can be properly assigned to it's category. I have tried to upload it but every time I get the following message: "There was a problem uploading the file. Please contact us for assistance" The file is 400k in size and it is gif.
  2. Hi Ali. I am trying to upload the file but I am getting an error from the page indicating to get in touch with NGC??
  3. Hi. After the change was made, seems that it was reverted today to the previous status (which is wrong). Any reason was it was reverted? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the quick response and update on the set.
  5. Just to let you know that after three days the coin appeared in my personal collection. Thanks again.
  6. Hi. I got coin #6258606-005, which is depicted as 1991Mo Mexico 1 Onza Silver (which is correct). When checking the variants (census) there are two possible entries for this year: The first one "1991MO SEVEN DOTS ON CACTUS PAD" and the second one "1991MO EIGHT DOTS ON CACTUS PAD". The problem lies how this coin was assigned in the database in how it appears in the Competitive Set. Since the coin was slabbed before either descriptions were available, it is shown inside the Eight Dots description, while it is the Seven Dots one. Is it possible to update the database so it can be correctly depicted inside the Seven Dots category in the Competitive Set. The description in the slab is ok so I presume there is no need to change it. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. The certification number is #2846951-002
  8. Thanks Morpheus1967 for the insight. Seems no info on the process is available on the site, and this info shed light on it.
  9. Thanks. The certification number is #2846951-002 .
  10. I just acquired a new coin for my collection, but seems it is still inside a previous owner collection. I can't added it to mine. How can I do it? Is there a place to ask this for?
  11. Hi. Requesting for MEXICO: SILVER 2 PESOS CENTENNIAL OF INDEPENDENCE 1921 NGC 3476769-030