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  1. Thank you for your reply. I must admit, this process seems very complex, how is one to know what tier, and why does it matter? I admit i am new to this, and would love to take advantage of the credit I have with my membership. However, you now throw something new at me. I had all the forms filled out. Is there anywhere i can go that clearly explains all of these different tiers and how I decide? How do I know the value of the coin? Do I make it up?
  2. I have a 1884 CC Silver dollar that is in its original case from the government, stating it is uncirculated, along with the box and certificate. I have seen these graded by NGC, and they were kept in original holder. How do I go about requesting this when I submit the coin to be graded.
  3. I agree, one should, and even when one does this, one should continue to ask questions that will help them learn and grow. I would l think we can do that without judging.
  4. This is a good point, but truthfully, the antique sterling silver market I am talking about, the entry point for a decent item, in good shape, with proper providence, will cost more then any coin I have purchased. And my advice for that person would be to seek out a person who is knowledgeable and trust worthy. Then, if you like the item purchase it. No different then coins. I guess the point of my question was not to get into a discussion of what I can or can not afford to do with my money. I got a good deal on this coin, you all assume I spent more then the coins worth, when my point was more how can I do more to make sure I do nt spend more then a coins worth, particularly hard to find or rare coins. Now, my question was more of how to use this to better learn. This coin was a perfect example for me so this is why I asked the people here. How better can I decide the value of a coin when comps are not so easy to find. A few of you were kind enough to answer, and a few of you questioned the choice of what I can and can not afford. Now, I am not filthy rich, and I am not poor, I make more then enough to allow myself to have a few expensive hobbies and toys, the amount I have spent on coins at this moment, would not even cover the lowest priced pocket watch, or sterling silver item that I have in my possession. I did consider these coins for me as starters, each and every coin you see in my collection was because I liked it, checked into it, and decided to buy. Some of you seem to think I did not leg work, well that was far from the truth. I guess all I was looking for was more help in how to better evaluate what could be considered a rare coin. Someone here did ask me a good questions, yes I like rare unique or hard to come by items, for example I recently purchased a 1714 Sterling silver platter owned by the 1st Duke of St Albans. It took me 3 months working with the dealer to prove providence, and decide upon a fair price for a one of a kind item. So now I sound like I am showing off so I will stop, but again all I honestly wanted was some help for how better to check in the future, the people who did answer without judging me, thank you. I guess what I did was correct, use this site, and use ebay as a comp. I just never in my life expected to hear use ebay as a way to judge. But, again, this is a different market. I will now go back and just read and learn, my first experience here at asking for help, left me feeling, well, judged. I do thank everyone for your time, and wish you all a blessed life. Clearly this is not the place for me to ask questions.
  5. I do thank you all for your responses and feed back. I did seek others, and I did do my due diligence. Yes, this is a new hobby and I have much to learn. Now, if you ever need advice on Antique Sterling silver from th 1700 forward, this I know well. If you want to know anything about American pocket watches and chains, and how to evaluate them, I am your guy. However, at this time I needed a new hobby. Someone asked if one of my first coins had to be a 4 digit coin, and this is a good question, did it? What is the good price point for a starter who can afford and wants a nice coin from time to time? When do you take the chance the the valuation of the coin is better then what you spent and go for it? I guess in this case, I took a chance, on a coin that I personally liked. In the end, I guess that is all that maters. I have seen it said here, if you like the coin, buy it. Coinbuf, I do thank you for the suggestion of using the tool, it is part of why I like this site. the problem I had is when using the tool, the prices it were coming up with were far more then I valued and the seller valued the coin. I guess I was just looking for some affirmation that it is a good coin, and that others seen potential. Ebay checking comps, well, that is always fun, almost as fun as checking etsy. Thanks and I do look forward to learning from you all as I get more into this hobby.
  6. I have been a long collector of antique sterling silver, and I decided it was time to play with a new hobby. I thought researching the providence of some of the items I own, was difficult. It is simple compared to this hobby. I have been reading as much as I can and have found a few people who have helped explain, and also told me that a membership here is a must. So here I am. Now for my question. I recently was convinced that this was a good coin for me to add, it bit on the higher end for a start as it was explained, but he told me to look into the coin. Well frankly, the coin at least for me is to hard to judge what fair market is. I understand you can not go on the price listed in your coins profile. Clearly Ia m not allowed to discuss the price I did purchase on the forum, nor is it good practice I suspect. But the price we negotiated was IMO fair, all I can say is I did not pay what the coin is listed for. Looking for comps on this coin are next to impossible, at least for me, they simply are not up for sale, and with only 1 graded higher. I guess, what i am asking, is how does one know they pay a fair price when comps on a coin are difficult. Plus, I would not mind some feed back on what you experienced coin collectors think of this coin. Thanks for your time.