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  1. Thanks for the feedback. In the end I decided the condition wasn't really what I was looking for. But the lack of bidding on a CC Morgan dollar seemed out of the ordinary relative to almost all other listings of such a coin. Maybe the lack of attention was just due to condition. At any rate, I've decided to back away from eBay as a source for Morgans.
  2. I didn't buy it. The CC coins have decent value, but this one is really worn. I have a good scale and calipers to check specs, but this coin is online. The seller wouldn't respond to inquiries. In the end I decided it's not in the condition I really want. The lack of bidding on it also was a red flag to me that maybe it was counterfeit. Only a couple bids, it sold at $81. I recently dealt with a counterfeit 1878, that ended up being around 22 grams.... got a refund on that one. Seller claimed ignorance.
  3. Lots of wear on this coin... anyone think it is likely a counterfeit? I'm fairly new to the Morgan silver dollars, and this coin is not in my hands to inspect. All feedback appreciated.
  4. Hey all! BWhite, bummer about the all-fake collection, sorry to see that. I've very recently started collecting Morgan silver dollars, and seem to have picked up a fake myself. I had done some research into the Morgans, but apparently not quite enough when I bought a supposedly 1878-O coin... I now know none were minted in New Orleans until 1879. On the bright side, I only paid $30 for it. It only weighs 23 grams, and has the wrong "sound" to the metal. Very obvious compared to a few others I've picked up. I'm disputing the sale with eBay, but I might just keep it and not let it go back into circulation. It arrived in a bubble pack, and inside it apppeared to be packaged in the original envelope from China, which was addressed to the seller. Should have known the BIN deal was too good to be true, but then I didn't know about the "O" mint issue with 1878 at the time... Also, I expected to find it to be magnetic, but it is not. Possibly has silver content?