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  1. My understanding is most of the 35,401 were destroyed and only a few matte proof still exist. Need to research more🧐
  2. Thanks Lisa B. I appreciate your taking the time and that of others to review my slab.
  3. Traveling this week will post side view pictures over the week end. Thanks
  4. It would appear the re-holder charge is $13 USD plus $10 handling fee plus shipping. This is providing it is currently in an NGC slab
  5. I purchased this with a number of other slabs. Upon examining it, the corners and sides just didn’t look or feel right. It came from a reputable dealer. My first thought was the coin is either counterfeit or was substituted with another coin. I don’t know. Should I send it in to be reslabbed and/or graded?
  6. I posted this on Ask NGC, however, I was curious what other people thought. As this is a 2008 ASE I’m not sure if there were obvious slab defects when grading and slabbing done long ago. My original post is: “Unfortunately I only have front view of slab. Side edges are not smooth, but has areas that are rough as if it was melted. Frontal view has noticeable cloudy ares on left and right sides. Could this have been tampered with? ”
  7. Unfortunately I only have front view of slab. Side edges are not smooth, but has areas that are rough as if it was melted. Frontal view has noticeable cloudy ares on left and right sides. Could this have been tampered with?
  8. PF70 is not a guaranty for any proof from any mint. There may be minor or slight imperfections on the coin that would not make it qualify as a PF70 . It should be gem quality so I usually look for them to be in the range of PF65 to PF70
  9. Consider downloading the PCGS coin facts app. It will show you detailed pics for each grade. I agree with JKK not enough detail shown don’t buy from vendor.
  10. This will be my pleasure. I only purchase bullion coins from Fidelitrade a bullion investment firm. They provide a bid/ask price for each product. Their bid price is generally higher than spot which would reflect a slight premium. You can check them out at And open an account with them. They are not associated with Fidelity Investments. Here’s a screen shot of some of there prices and silver products. Prices change as spot price changes. The coin posted is an Ultra High Relief Proof Piedfort coin it was not sold as, nor intended to be sold as bullion. I only provide the above as an explanation of where to purchase bullion as an investor whether purchasing bullion coins in tubes, or bars. I am not a stacker, but will upon occasion invest in bullion if the daily and weekly quants suggest a buy signal. I am a traditional circulated coin collector. Once again, I will upon occasion invest in a modern coin that I find eye appealing and has piqued my interest regardless of the metal content. I also own coins made from cupronickel, titanium, sterling silver and platinum. Hope this answers your question.
  11. I realize NCLT coins are everyone’s game. It is a billion dollar industry and offers unique, limited issue products made with various metals ( i.e. silver, gold, titanium, cupro-nickel…). Are they expected to maintain their value like ASE’s or Royal Mint products? Probably not. They are,however, an extension of a circulated coin collection intended IMHO to bring diversification and pleasure to the individual collector.😊
  12. Keeping coin in original packaging sounds like the right choice to me. It also came in a presentation box with COA. Why an NCLT? My ancestors were traced back to Plymouth Colony, not the Mayflower specifically. I thought it would be a nice piece for future generations
  13. Since there was a limit of 3 per customer what are the chances of getting an MS 70. Also what happens if the eBay presale for MS70 doesn’t pan out. I think I’d hold the sellers feet to the fire and get one for me. I forgot to add silver content in original Morgan is .7734 Troy ounce, the 2021 silver content is .859. I believe weight for each is similar.
  14. You raise an interesting question regarding value which I had not really considered. Retail price is $250 USD I acquired for half of that price. It should maintain its value - I hope. Since this is the first UHR coin I own the dimensional aspects of it had me wonder about preservation. Do you think grading would substantially increase the value. Although I do not intend on letting it go from my collection. I do appreciate VKurtB’s mention that slabs and not air tight; as well as RWB’ s suggestion that it is preserved in the original container.
  15. 5 minutes after these Morgan’s were released they began appearing on eBay as pre sales and ppl were buying them for upwards to $180.00. Just amazes me
  16. This is a 2020 proof 1oz .999 fine silver UHR piedfort coin commemorating the “The Mayflower” 400th Anniversary. Issue limit 650, weight 2 Troy ounces, diameter 50mm, mint Pobjoy. Issued on behalf of the British Virgin Islands. Came in capsule with presentation box and C of A. Question: to preserve coin and maintain value should it be graded. See pics
  17. I thought that also, appears to be shadows from the plastic capsule. I have not yet removed to actually determine if it is the coin 😊
  18. I interpreted the privy mark as a minter, or as a proof in this case. It makes no sense to me to have both a minter privy mark and a mint mark on the same coin. Getting confused.🤷🏼‍♂️
  19. I agree, however, this is a silver bullion coin where Pobjoy states “A silver bullion privy mark “P” is also present which is unique to Pobjoy Mint bullion coins.” The defect is a gouge dug deep into the coin removing the frosted effect on the eye lid.
  20. I would preferred damage was to the field and not to the focal point of the design. 🙄
  21. Perfect is one thing, but careless handling of what they call BU uncirculated is quite another. These are quite noticeable gouges, scratches and dings on coins with a limit of 10000. Biggest disappointment was due to uniqueness of coins. Obverse has “P” privy mark and reverse has mint mark. The mint isn’t known for using a privy mark.