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  1. Also with one of the coins there is something - a small particle or air bubble maybe - in the space between the coin and the holder. Very odd looking. Can small particles or air bubbles be trapped between coins and the plastic during the slabbing process?
  2. I am very new to buying coins. I only have nine altogether. All NGC. I recently bought three Roman NGC coins from a dealer overseas. The holders on all three look damaged. They are different from the other NGC slabs I already have. They all look like they have been beaten on the top and right hand sides. They also have other strange marks on their right sides. Maybe prise marks? Can this damage occur as part of the normal slabbing process? I do not have anything to photograph the coins at present. The slabs look like the slab photos in the NGC Registry: ROMAN EMPIRE ROMAN EMPIRE | NGC (ngccoin.uk) ROMAN EMPIRE ROMAN EMPIRE | NGC (ngccoin.uk) ROMAN EMPIRE ROMAN EMPIRE | NGC (ngccoin.uk) The registry photos only show the front - but you can see signs of the apparent damage at the top of the photos. Should I be concerned about them?