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  1. I wouldn't be opposed to it, I think its made of Nickel Silver but it doesn't have any silver content listed so it really doesn't belong there.
  2. I collect banknotes as well, I love Czechoslovakian notes, but I have older ones from across Europe. Definitely seen you in the registry on some of the sets I have coins in.
  3. Hello, and welcome. I will be using this journal to chronicle my adventures with the registry and my collection. I’ve been active on the registry now for almost a year and have started working on many sets, the main area that I would like to focus on is Eastern Europe. Mainly Latvia and Ukraine but I would love to expand into other countries eventually. I’ve been working on my Latvia 5 Euro set and I’m looking forward to getting my most recent submission back to work on that. I’ve been reading the Revenant’s Journals on here and as well as inspiring me to do a journal myself it got me thinking about how I view my registry collection. And I viewed it as keeping it a secret but I realized that I would like to share more of my coin collecting journey. Hopefully I can keep my journal updated fairly regularly in case anyone else is interested in the journey. Until next time
  4. Good evening, I just got back a recent submission and one of the coins I believe was mislabeled. The cert # is 2858643-001. It is labeled as Old Stender, and in the census it is the only one graded so it looks like a new slot was created for it. However there is already a slot for it titled 2014 FRIEDRICH STENDER 300TH ANNIV. OF BIRTH, it is located all the way at the bottom of the census. An example of the correct cert 2102176-048. Can I get this fixed so that I can add it to my registry set. Thanks
  5. Good Evening, Can the Latvia 5 Euro silver 2014-Date proof set be updated so I can add the 2020 Linden Leaf and 2020 Personal Freedom. My cert numbers are 2858643-015 and 2858643-016. I am unable to add them currently. Thanks
  6. Hi, I was wondering if a Type Set for the Czech Republic (1993-Date) could be added 1 Koruna 2110559-331 5 Korun 2110559-315 For reference Thanks
  7. Please add to Latvia 5 Euro Proof 2014 to Date 2020 Personal Freedom - Cert # 6154053-001 2020 Ventastega - Cert #6154053-017 Also in that set there appears to be a duplicated slot, there are 2 slots for 2016 Hedgehogs Coat- Fairy Tale, one says oval the other does not however they are only oval shaped so i was wondering if the duplicate slot could be removed. No one on the registry has a coin in that slot as well. Thanks