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  1. Thanks, I forgot to close this thread here, I did further research and I beleive this coin is genuine. I've sent it off to NGC yesterday, thanks!
  2. Here are the flat views of the obv side and reverse side of the coin if it helps.
  3. Hello all, I've just started collecting ancient coins (all are slabbed by NGC), some I bought as raw coins and sent to NGC to be slabbed and some already slabbed on eBAY. I recently purchased an Augustus coin on eBay that has the Caius and Lucius reverse, this coin was described to be the RIC 207 one, but I actually found the same exact coin documented on coinarchives where it is said to be a RIC 210, here is the link From that website I realize there are so many variations of the same style of coin, shields position of Caius and Lucius on the reverse, position of the inscriptions and how near they're to each part of the images, Agustus's head/chin shape and his hair design ect. From the photos, can anyone's tell me if this is a genuine coin struct in Lugdunum circa 2 BC - 4 AD or a forgery?? (Things that bother me a little) My concerns are becuase of how crisp the lettering is, the reverse looks pretty linear and flat compared to the many examples online but it may just be my perspective. (Things that may tell me its genuine) I took a look at it with an LED lighted magnifying glass and saw that the coin has many micro scratches on the surface, some of the lettering on the coin is ever so slightly faded along the ends.