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  1. Fourteenth time request for NGC great Britain Middlesex Fowlers 4750492-005.coin bought April 8th.
  2. Please add set for 1794 great Britain Condors 1/2 Penny's, tokens ,half Penny's ..Middlesex fowlers coin Ngc 4750492-005 you never gave me an answer Do you have a category for my ngc coin 4750492-005..can or will you make one. Thanks blessings Executor Neal damon Johnson
  3. I would like a place for my British Penny's 1/2 Penny's 1700s 1900. 1933 KING GEORGE V. ONE OF SEVEN coins In the world Asked a few times now for a spot for Britain Middlesex coins from 1700s tokens I was wondering about a discount on my membership fee and the benefits if any of grading My 1933 king George the 5th thru NGC vs pcgs I need to upgrade..
  4. Most of my rare coins are not U.S coins and or graded by P.C.G.S With a few exceptions Be nice to get a chance to show off all of my coins lots of Brittish coppers mostly pcgs no category for any of these Beautiful coins.... Will we ever have a world coins category? For NGC And PCGS coins? And if no why not? Executor neal damon johnson
  5. 1794 to date great Britain Middlesex Fowler's plain coins 1/2 penny Britain Please add a category for these coins