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  1. That 1849 has the loop in the same spot my 2.5 had the scratch marks. i am glad i was able to trade that in. It's to bad it is still worth melt But I would just tell your sister to ware as a remembrance.
  2. In May of 2021 it was up to $29 almost $30 so $24 I would say is down LoL
  3. I have to say with the price of silver down, now it is as good as it gets. I think when you did this the price was up high. I have four badly cleaned coins 3 were given to me so I cant complain and one I bought out of a grab bin without a loupe hoping it would be ok. My rule of thumb now and forevermore is...... I never buy raw coins online and when I go the shops I Always bring a loupe when shopping I tried the magnifying glass but it is just not strong enough with these old eyes to pick up the small scratches.
  4. Sorry Terrance I did not notice you were a new member , Welcome to the forum. I agree with Old hoopster all the numbers are weak . I was just joking about it wearing off . I am not sure the profit would be worth the cost of shipping.
  5. It is my favorite year Cecelia and it is just a worn out Nickel like me it is almost 65 years old
  6. Ya I know what ya mean DD are not that easy to find the way they mint coins is different now than back in the old days. I have to look at the coins in so many ways and cross reference with the links that Mike posted all the time. I always keep hunting, you do find some cool stuff once in a while like die clashes and strike through that makes up for the hunt ... and if you like coins its all good LoL
  7. I think your picture's are fine the die is not fine, it is worn out making the devices disfigured it is called Die Deterioration Doubling it happens a lot. But keep looking I roll hunt all the time and see this every day.
  8. Well I wish you luck with this coin. I for one do not think you have worn out your welcome Jblindy. What the heck I ask questions with bad wording all the time because I am a dam Yankee from New England The only other thing that makes me pause is that both sides of the coin are toned. It does happen. I have some gold toned Nickels but the blue always makes me wonder if it is artificial toning. just trying to cover all the bases you may already know about.
  9. I also don't trust ungraded CC I understand they are copied a lot to my knowledge.
  10. Is that a coin you own or want to buy ? The photo angle looks like someone is trying to hide all the damage on the coin ?
  11. Some people like to play games? Why when everyone here is only trying to help...The coins I see are in 2 different holders so they look like 2 different coins to me. Maybe the magnification makes it look that way.
  12. Keep it as a reminder to look for the ware on the high spots it is not easy to see all the little things like the veins on the leaves on the wreath or the talons are worn off. The cotton balls or the hair around the ear are smooth it is all a learning process and you don't want to pass it on to some one who is green. Do what I do I have a coin that was cleaned I paid $30 for and is just melt so I let the kids hold it and hand it around if they drop it I can sleep at night.. LoL