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  1. Not true, my friend. I tried to move on but the members here keep bringing it back to bullying. I will not engage with people unless they are ready to speak and act professionally. I don't need the input of bullies. However, I would welcome feedback from intelligent coin experts. As for my original post, I stand by it. I presented my case to the community and gave them a chance to respond. Some people agreed with me, some disagreed. I've already moved on from that. I won't be responding further to this thread as it has become clear that it will not lead to a productive sharing of ideas. If anyone is interested in discussing coin valuation, you can message me directly.
  2. Here, now, are people posting things that in my opinion should be grounds for banning. @ldhair - your negative attitude is devaluing this forum. When you are ready to have a professional and productive conversation, I welcome your questions and challenges. Otherwise, keep your lack of vision and lack of inspiration to yourself.
  3. Well, I look forward to sharing the valuation engine with everyone when it is released. We will settle this debate then
  4. I sincerely appreciate the feedback and skepticism here - it helps put things into perspective of the challenge ahead. However, I believe there is nothing we can't accomplish with human intelligence and modern technology. If any of you are interested in taken a closer look at what I am working on, I would be happy to share more details privately, please send me a direct message. Thanks!
  5. Greysheet has the same problem, their prices are OPINIONS, not actually based on market data
  6. In any case, the bar is set pretty low. The price guides published by NGC, PCGS and The Red/Blue Book are so inaccurate that they are unusable. It can't be that hard to, at a minimum, provide a more accurate estimation.
  7. All valid challenges, indeed! Nothing worth doing is easy
  8. @VKurtB - I agree 100%! Coin values are usually nothing more than OPINIONS! That is why I am building a software that determines coin values based on what they are actually selling for at auctions (along with a number of other complex variables) - a much more accurate way to value coins that the conjecture published by every other "price guide". I would love to hear more about your skepticism in coin valuations - I need skeptics to challenge my pricing engine so that I can improve it. I am going to message you directly. Thanks for your candor.
  9. Could someone please invite the owner/moderator of CT to join this conversation and shed some light?
  10. Agreed - participation in a forum is not a right, it's a privilege. However, the whole point of my original post here is that the numismatic community should seriously reconsider participating in a forum that bans helpful numismatists such as myself without cause. They are clearly moderating in a way that prevents the free spreading of ideas and information. Feels communistic to me.
  11. You won't be able to see what I said because my posts were removed. I was answering questions related to people asking what their coins are worth - I am somewhat of a specialist in coin valuation: https://numismag.com/en/2020/10/19/experts-word-grant-powell-numiis-modern-tools-for-coins-valuation/
  12. How many of you would be interested a better-managed coin forum, eh? Or do you feel that NGC and ATS offer everything the coin community needs?
  13. @Coinbuf@Alex in PA. Well, it's not of use to me if I get banned. I certainly won't waste any more of my time attempting to share any of my knowledge on that forum.
  14. Here is another person who had the same experience as I: