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  1. For side by side perspective, here's my 92d at MS67 from 1992 D 1C | NGC (
  2. Agree - all Abe's are special, even toasted ones (if you look for it). I own several ungraded Abe's that are very sweet to me (for 1 reason or another) but aren't worth much from a market value or unique variety perspective. Good follow up Bob! And grazi for a very useful link on DDO data by Variety Vista Home = :-)
  3. Some background resources to review concerning 1964 Abe's: 1964 1C MS Lincoln Cents, Memorial Reverse | NGC ( - great resource for any coin you want to dig deeper into What's a unique 64 look like? This: From the Grading Room: 1964 Lincoln Cent Struck On a Coin of India | NGC ( And...some 64s could be considered "special", like this former Top Pop 67 (NGC graded a 68 recently...), which I consider a pretty cool Abe! ;-) 1964 D 1C | NGC (
  4. Here's a couple resources that provide some background: 1988 P and D RDV-006 Transitional Varieties ( 1988-D Penny with Reverse of 1989 Transitional Design Variety and they go for about $50-$200+ on eBay
  5. Did you sell? If not, what is your target price? I might be interested...
  6. Thanks Bob, nice to meet looking for your comments in threads and appreciate all senior members like you sharing their knowledge!
  7. Hi all, Skittlez here in California wishing you a safe, happy holiday season...may your families/friends stay Covid safe and healthy into 2021! Hope you all receive a special, sought after NGC slab under your Xmas tree with your name on it. ;-)