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  1. It looks to me like an end piece of metal and those are definitely saw marks where the piece was cut so i definitely would say in my opinion you may have a legitimate error coin. Its like if you had a piece of rolled steel and you cut it to size with a saw blade your left with those exact marks
  2. Has anyone ever felt that your coin was an error coin and that you could distinguish markings on the coin that you believe happened during the striking process? I have a coin that I agree is damaged but i think its the result of a weak strike on the reverse side and it looks like the die broke or shifted. Its an 1889 CC Morgan dollar in my collection. If you look closely to me it appears that where I have a missing "L" in dollar it looks like an faint upside down "A" or "L". Take a look at the reverse side on the one edge it looks like a weak strike and on the other side its heavier and some of the rim edge markings seem to shift over onto the coins edge. Maybe Im crazy and I am no grader of coins but it looks like an error to me that caused the damage? Please I respect everyones opinions. thanks