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  1. You better hope it’s the horse and not the rider she wants.
  2. This is legit however what a previous poster eluded to rings true. The rolls I have were probably picked thru at the bank before the machine did it’s thing. Just look back at the dates would tell ya. But also there are (and I encountered as well) quite a few ten dollar pennies in just a few I cracked open. A ‘37 in ms condition for one.
  3. The Holy Grail of numismatic coinage........
  4. sold all my silver culled quarters for 400 bucks. 80 in all. That and a few proofs at a c note. That was it had a few nibbles on ase ‘s and the Wheatley’s offered here. But no takers. Sold one handful of Wheatley’s to a kid 👦 he had a lot in that fist ful 😂
  5. one thing I found out....selling coins at a coin show requires a hand truck...........this stuff gets heavy!!! I just put together a fold up crt for tomorrow.....and added a few 2008 ase's to sell...........encapsulated those.......pretty much done with everything til then. All the well wishers are appreciated, thanks to all the replies!!!
  6. I have a sporting chance at making some coin
  7. before then...and yes, there are those out there...but this guy passed away and the granny is selling off the hoard.......she is not a numismatist by any stretch but the hubby was.......I'll keep you guys updated on Sunday....8 am. til 2 pm.
  8. whahoppin?? In my best chinese accent...
  9. Still looking for some privy 75th quarters I have 3 so far. 12 bucks a piece. No takers at the last show I did. I have one eagle for 500.
  10. More than reasonable, imho....10 cents a coin gets you, 5 bucks..add a few keepers and a 15$ cost at a coin show seems fair ,to me, as well...
  11. Good point(s), and yes I agree 100%.....but the rolls I did go thru had a few ''secondary'' rarities if you will, making me think the rest are actually better than the other ''unsearched'' rolls we have looked upon skeptically....but if I did open them up I lose the OBW factor....a point I am counting on with my own personal experience..... I'm selling these at a show, face to face I 'd even insist to the buyer to open them up in front of me to be sure there isn't a 1940 to 1958 year wheatie hoard thats confidence...if it is, 15 bucks back on the spot.
  12. By actually not knowing what OBW meant. Ok. Jaded I feel jaded by your comment. They’re unopened here’s a pic. Coming up.
  13. well if I want to break would need 24 bucks more.......each roll has a chance at a gem...thats basically what I'm going to be; A carnival barker when I throw them on the
  14. So I am an owner of a hoard of sealed circulated penny rolls the question posed here is. Whats a good price for true unopened wheat penny rolls? I may have over payed, but previous openings of the same hoard revealed quite a few very good specimens....none like I have ever seen to date, real authentic au pennies from the 20's and 30's...very few 50's like one usually finds with these type of rolls.....a quick look at the red book seems 2 dollars a penny, so I was thinking 30.00$....these are sealed rolls from way rolls from modern packaging.
  15. A stunning Ase circa 1986........Arrived safe and sound Aydin.
  16. 1909 I.H. 1909 s 1909 wheatie's 1914 d 1931 s and 2 pristine silver quarters...350.00$ all in au or better
  17. I bought 4 rolls of wheaties machine wrapped in ''Bank of San Francisco wrappings.......anyone ever seen these before? They do not say Mint.
  18. 2012 whitman's ''red book''....picked it up at a ''goodwill'' store for 3 bucks.......brandy new never read,fresh pages.
  19. Getting a “red book”will help in your grading skills imho
  20. No pix yet , but a 1995 dbl die obverse penny........pretty cool.
  21. might as well add connecticut to the list.....they just legalized marijuana.....not that I'm against it, I'm not, a matter of fact, when I retire I'll rooll one of them ''Big Bambu'' jobs right in the employee parking lot and go ''up in smoke''....
  22. 67 proof sets...dated 1968 thru 2009.....couple good years in there all proof sets...with at least 10 1986 sets and some special comemoritives so 41 sets plus26 ''other'' sets....under 500 bucks.....not the bargain of the century, but I still can turn a profit.