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  1. It's funny you say that, right before you commented, they switched to grading/quality control lol. Just gotta wait and see!
  2. Lisa, Any follow up on this? Haven't seen any movement since and no change to the submission status.
  3. Lisa, You are awesome! Thank you!
  4. My World submissions just went from Grading/Encapsulating/Imaging back down to Scheduled for Grading. Anyone know why that would happen? Or is it maybe just a glitch?
  5. Muzzer42, I checked in on that coin on the right, and it is a $1 denomination on the back which is puzzling to me, I am pretty familiar with Perth and did not realize they released a $5 and $1 with that same design. So it actually looks like your labels are correct.
  6. The label is correct as these coins come from the Perth Mint in Australia. That is what that letter on the label means. Although, I so believe that the coin on the right might have the wrong denomination. I would have to see the back to verify. That design is featured on the $5.00 coin which does not come with a P mint mark like the one on the left, which is correct for the $1.00 denomination
  7. Lisa, Could I get a response to this as well? I am having the same issue.
  8. I was wondering the same thing, mine were opened on the 18th, and still haven't seen a charge. Might explain as to why I haven't seen any movement.
  9. Do you still have the Everglades quarter?
  10. Oooh!!! That is cool! I do like bizarre. Hoping to get this graded one day
  11. Doesn't sound too bad! Still waiting for mine to be opened, nothing fancy. Just some Canadian Star Trek coins and an Eagle. Excited to see the results! I haven't gotten into the older U.S and world stuff just yet, just sampling at this point
  12. I know it is very busy right now, but I was wondering how long most have to wait til their subs are opened? I sent a few in towards the beginning of May and still haven't been uploaded to the submission tracking tab yet. Been received, but nothing else. I am definitely not complaining, just curious.