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  1. Kurt, all good. You made me laugh again. At myself! Thanks for the opinions. Keep in touch.
  2. There is huge marketing behind these "Tops-Baseball Cards"like that have some precious metal coin attached. "Slab-Label & Coin Trading Cards" with some autographs on them. They are buying and selling. I'm watching.....
  3. Thanks for your opinion. Just wondering why people like them all dressed up and given a MS70 Perfect grade. They seem to have people buying and selling them.
  4. Thanks for responding, can you provide me the date and info about this particular coin?
  5. OK, Can you provide me a little more of your thoughts. Is there a price you would purchase them at?
  6. What is the opinion of the 2020(P) Emergency Production ASE PCGS MS70 First Strike? Keep in mind; 1. West Point Mint was closed for 2 weeks COVID19 and Philadelphia Mint issued 250,000 of these Emergency Coins 2. 2020 is the last year with the reverse side design by John Mercanti 3. This is the 2nd lowest volume production of ASE (How many of them are MS70)??? I am seeing them priced between $198 and $241....