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  1. Could I request United Kingdom 2020 sovereign proof set be added & tithe 2021 sovereign proof set aswell please
  2. I have a set in each of the two sets you highlighted currently exist. However I think the 1820-date proof & mint state double sovereign or 1820-date proof double sovereign sets would be better. If I was choosing I would prefer the former as it’s more complete. regards jaconet
  3. Since there is already a type set by monarch for British double sovereigns from George 3rd onwards for proof and circulation double sovereigns and a grading scale. I thought that could be added onto the modern proof set (1980-date) to produce a full date run for British double sovereigns, much as is the case with the sovereign date run. An attractive new addition which would have the benefit of not having to work out the whole infrastructure since it is already there. Fingers crossed 🤞 regards Jaconet
  4. The British double sovereign proof set seems to be missing its 2007 date. Could you please add it so I can include the coin below to my registry set Regards jaconet
  5. Please could you set up a new set Great Britain, decimal, platinum, 25 pounds, proof to accommodate coins 2007-date including the coin below. 2017 quarter ounce platinum wedding anniversary platinum proof. but also to include 2007, 2008, 2017-date platinum quarter ounce Britannia’s
  6. Please could you add uk platinum proof £5 piedfort 2004- date category. I have two splendid examples in pf70 to add 2007 & 2013