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  1. Hi Please assign new registry set fr this coin. Cert.#: 3956887-009 Thanks Cheers, Gerard Jacobs
  2. Hi, Please put this in a new registry set: Cert#: 3956887-002 Cheers, Gerard Jacobs
  3. I seem to be unable to get it to the Ancient Coin registry. Could you please give me some guidance? Thanks.
  4. Dear Administrator, I am uncertain where to place this in the registry and would like to consider starting a new one if possible so that I can enter this coin into a competitive set: NGC 4530427-295 I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Gerard Jacobs
  5. Dear Administrator Please accept this coin as a new category for the NZ HMS Endeavor Series produced by the Reserved bank of New Zealand and New Zealand Post this year. I may be the first person to get this coin graded with NGC and would present a unique opportunity for a collectable coin. Thanks. Kind regards, Gerard Jacobs
  6. NZ 1992 $1 First Piedfort Coin Silver Proof 2855649-002
  7. Need a new category for coin - New Zealand 2004 5c NGC# is 2851221-004. Thank you!