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  1. What does make it rare? How can I have a idea of value? sorry to bother. thank you
  2. Hello, Trying to identify this coin prior to buying it. Don't know sizes/weight. Any help is much appreciated. thank you.
  3. Hi, Can anyone give a hint if this is the closed pearls variety? Couldn't find any reliable source with images. If it is, how would you grade it? Value estimate? thank you.
  4. Hi, Need some help to identify this piece. I'm thinking about Morroco as one of those symbols appers on Isma'il al-Samin (km#a28a.1 & Muhammed III falus as bellow. Thank you. Julio
  5. Hi, need some help to id needed before buying. Korea, 1 Mun, Sang pyong, General Military Office, series 7 ? Also, fake or real? If real, is it worth US$6,00? Thanks
  6. that's what we usually do, even here inside Brazil, to "reduce" shipping costs. that coin came with another 5 modern ones.
  7. Indeed. Here in Brazil the math goes like this for any imported good. (coin price +shipping & handle )*1.6 1.6 = 60% import taxes. then convert to BRL (+- * 5 given today exchange rate) So for example, if a coin costs US$1.00 in US and S&H US$5.00 we have US$6.00 for the coin, with customs taxes that goes up to US$9.6, and then we calculate the price in BRL. So a coins that costs US$ 1.00 in US can easily cost 10 times more here, if it doesn't disappear in the post office... Welcome to third world country...
  8. Hi. Not a problem, I understand perfectly. I'm in Brazil and bought it at a online auction from a Brazilian dealer, for about US$6.00. Why? I don't have coins from that period from China and was cheap. (Relative to prices here in Brazil) As far as I know the coin was part of a collection that he bought for sell. Julio
  9. Just got this one, and those holes looks off. It's a fake or real? 24mm x 1.2mm x 3.3g If real, any idea of how much it's worth? Thanks