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  1. To sell a fake for 110,000 Euros, shows that there are collectors who do not study what an ancient coin is. Incredible. And she wouldn't be the only one.
  2. The analysis I did, is not just with the tetradrachm on Hirmer, the photo below, comparison with a tetradrachm in Boston. In addition to the eagle's tail, it shows the lack of the end of the hare's hind legs.Plus fractures on the edges, typical of a coin minted with a hydraulic press and not hammered.
  3. Pensavo che in questo forum ci fossero esperti qualificati per le monete antiche, soprattutto della Sicilia greca. La mia opinione che si tratti di un falso moderno, è supportata dai confronti che ho analizzato. Vedi foto sotto, un confronto con un tetradramma di Akragas, sicuramente autentico, dal libro di Hirmer.
  4. Hello, not knowing English, I support myself with Google translator, For fans of ancient Greek coins, I was asking what you think of the tetradrachm of Akragas, in Lansky auction of June 10, 2021, lot #04/22. Maybe I would like to know what you think, some experts in the field My opinion, that this is a modern forgery. Thanks to those who wish to comment. Gionnysicily.