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  1. Thanks guys appreciate all of you .thank you
  2. Hello. id like to see a category for for civil war tokens in competitive sets . just went to register one of mine said it wasnt accepting them at this time . no# 4187472007 graded ms 65 1863 1st in war 1st in peace .these are history tokens to say the least .thank you Les French member NGC.
  3. I have several of theses coins .and i have to agree with the other members .just does not look genuine. I know that sucks to for sure as i myself have felt the way you must feel. As i too have had that luck with morgans on ebay .ive got 2 now you can pick up with a magnet .they look great but dont get a magnet around them.
  4. i bought 5. 2007 presidential dollars NGC ms 65 coins from a friend who needed cash . i got them cheap . but noticed none of the 5 has the ( in God We trust ) on the coins any where .NGC Graded them just wondering why they didnt catch that .at the time of grading and put it on the lable as error coin . any help would be appreciated thank you .
  5. Hello I'm new to NGC but my question, is I have 2 mint BU coins . A 1883 v nickle ,and a 1937 buffalo nickle .would they be worth more money if graded by NGC. What's it cost per coin I would appreciate any and all your input .thank you .
  6. Hey ... I've got a 1959 franklin half in a slab holder ms64 but it looks like the coin is being taken over by this black substance . I dont ever remember seeing anything like this . Can anyone help me out here