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  1. Thank you all for your helpful feedback :-). It seems there are advantages to each of them from this small sample.
  2. Hello All, Is there any consensus as to which company produces the highest quality plastic slab? Clearest? Most durable? Best design? Best looking? Ta!
  3. This sort of input from someone like you who's been in the community since 2007 is so valuable. Thank you.
  4. I very much appreciate your feedback, Just Bob! Do you happen to know if colorized coins with certificates are in the realm of fakery or do counterfeiters only focus on plain metal coins?
  5. thank you very much for taking a look into that for me. I've bookmarked the seller.
  6. Hello Greenstang, I'd be very curious to know the name of any reputable seller. :-)
  7. I didn't explain very well. What I meant was that the actual sale shows 2 of this set of items have been sold: Yet the item specifics shows that this set of items has unique ngc serial numbers: Does that mean for example that coins with certification numbers 4415809-005 and 4415809-012 have been sold twice?
  8. Thank you for your gracious replies - I am kind of surprised to find people passionate about coin collecting because I've always felt it was a bit of a lonely hobby. The coin stores I visited a few times were always quiet and mostly empty (before Covid and the metals rush). Now, I can't just walk into the store because, well, they're closed and the store is now the internet! The item in question: I hope the link works. I don't understand how the seller can have two for sale of a unique item with unique NGC numbers, but I know nothing about checking authenticity or whether it's even possible.
  9. Hi, I'm new and wanting to learn a bit about buyer safety from the community :-). This is probably an ignorant question but are sellers with enormous numbers of sales of NGC/PCGS items tending to be legit or not? Is it safe to link sellers or items for sale in this sort of forum when asking for feedback? Thanks