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  1. Dear Sir/Madam I found some people in Thailand market bring some fake NGC coin to sale. Do you have a policy to control or punished these people? I think it will make your coin to unrespected in mint collectors. If yes please let me know. Thank you and Best Regards, Porntep Bannadilok
  2. I received new coin grade PF 70 but it shown label “BE2547 (2004) THAILAND RAMA IV 200TH ANNIV. OF BIRTH 20B” Normally it must be shown “BE2547 (2004)THAILAND 20B QUEEN’S 72ND BIRTHDAY”
  3. Dear Sir/Madame I received this coin from NGC. It’s 600 baht polishing silver but NGC identified it’s 300 baht. Could you please feedback to me for your mistaked? How to improve to corrected? Best Regards, Porntep B.
  4. Let you add this coin in your stock data. This is Thailand coin. It’s King Rama IX father 100th anniversary’s of birth. If you have any comment please let me know. 3951595-019. Best Regards, Porntep Bannadilok
  5. Dear sir/Madame I would like to know your specification for coin standard set up. I found some coin send to your company for grading but after feedback from you they received the result “cleaned” they will upset because they hope will receive MS valued. So I would like to know your specifications guideline for checking our product before send to you. If you have any thing to explained please let me know. Thank you and Best Regards, Porntep B.
  6. I would like to add this coin in your list. 2019 40MM THAILAND COPPEM TINF 2019 LANNA STYLE BLDG-FRONT
  7. I'm looking for the type of my medal. It's 2019 40mm THAILAND CoppeM TINF 2019 Lanna Style Bldg-Front NGC PF 70 RD ULTRA CAMEO 4623537-011 How can I do for this one? Tell me please. Best Regards, Porntep B.