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  1. Hello can a new category be added to Saint Helena 2021 SAINT HELENA G5PND Three Graces First Day of Issue NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 6031243-004 kind regards
  2. Dear admin i got this message Dear Thomas, Your request to add NGC certification 5841288-124 to your competitive set has been declined by NGC, but the coin can still be managed in your Collection Manager. however, this coin is a commemorative 2£ - no other Britannia in any set has the 2£ domination in gold. This was limited 2£ version. (only 500) The denominations in Britannia range are 100, 50, 25, 10, 1 and 50p. Please reconsider this decision kind regards
  3. Can a set be added to belgium - denomination sets - 1franc 5920095-004 thank you
  4. Thanks, some coins are specific to the sets. its nice when the online sets reflect the real sets at home. Collector-wise it would be an improvement
  5. Hello could the 2 pounds and 5 pounds be added to Competitive Sets Great Britain - Type Sets Victoria Veiled Head Type Set (1893-1901), Circulation Issue thank you
  6. Each year the mint releases these set for example 4866730-011 2832481-002 4866708-013 4866725-060 4866725-061
  7. Thomas78


    Thanks Lisa it has been resolved in the meantime. thank you
  8. Thomas78


    Hello any reason why the starus of 5778453 hasnt moved at all since being in grading? Its been over a month now.... kind regards Thomas
  9. Great Britain Sovereigns and bullion Thematic Gold 50 Pence, Commemorative Issue, 1992-Date, Proof
  10. Dear could the slots 21 and 32 be removed from the 50 pence gold commemorative coins list? These are really 1/40th ounce britannia's and although nominally 50 pence worth they bear no resemblance to the comemmorative 50p coins as known and specified. Thank you
  11. Hi could the 2 sov and 5 sov be added to the Victoria Veiled Head Type Set (1893-1901), Circulation Issue category
  12. Can you remove two slots? In 2018 - 2019 none were produced (they discontinued the series) Ive attached the categorie in picture