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  1. Hi Alli, I saw you just added the proof coins to this set. Can you please seperate the registry set into 2 different registry sets, MS and PF as you do with the Mexico 100 pesos. Kind regards, Ferngar Mexico Silver 25 Pesos, 1968-Date, Complete, Including Varieties
  2. Ok, I sent the chat board message before I sent the other ones thru the NGC system. Thank you again for your help and everything you do for the registry community, Kind regards, Ferngar
  3. I have not heard anything about this. I emailed you about a 1916 50 Centavos, this is a whole different topic.
  4. Hi, Can you change the slot 1880 PiH 5 Centavos Mexico NGC#4663743-002 MS62 from non competitive, to competitive awarding points. There are 5 coins in the census, which means there is competition out there. There are slots out there that award points even if there is only one coin. Thank you, Fern
  5. Hi Ali, Can you add points to this coin, there is now 3 coins in the census. It is one of the rarer coins by the way. Thank you, Fernando 25 Centavos Republic 1875HO R MEXICO 25C NGC VG 8 2856071-007
  6. Hi, Ali I was wondering if you could add a slot in the mexico republic 5 Centavos registry. The coin is: 1894ZS Z MEXICO 5C "ZO Z" ERROR NGC AU 58 2850384-008 If you can't add it for points, can you just add it without awarding points for it. Thank you, Fern
  7. Hi, Ali I was wondering if you guys are able to change a sets specifics. In set Mexico "Bi-metallic (Silver) 100 Pesos 2011-date, Prooflike" is there a way to add Proof coins. I have "2013Mo Mexico S100P 1914 Caballito Peso AI-Ae Ring" NGC# 2836504-009, but the problem is i cant add it to this set or any other since it is a proof coin. This coin goes with this set and is a key one. Thank you for your help Fernando
  8. I have a 1911 Mexico 10 Centavo where the label says "1911M Mexico 10C", but the coin is actually a 1911M Mexico 10C narrow date. There are only 2 slots available in the registry, wide and narrow date. I asked for it it to be placed in the narrow catagory, but they placed coin in the 1911M Mexico wide date slot. Do I have to send coin back in for regrading in order to get narrow slot filled and attributed?
  9. The 1978 7/7 onza slot had been approved having only two approved coins, now there are 4, as well as a few others in different categories, I don't understand how this is an exception.
  10. Hi, I tried to add my coin into the slot and it wouldn't let me, the coin ngc id is 2843080-001.
  11. Hi, can you also add a slot for 1979MoSilver Mexico 1 Onza Pan between ""U"" & ""N"" With Dot Before Year, in set Silver 1 Onza, 1949-1980, Mint State, Including Varieties. thank you, fernando
  12. Hi, I was wondering if you could add a slot for "1977Mo Mexico S100P Level Date Double Die Obverse" in Mexico Silver 100 pesos, 1977-1992, mint state, including varieties. Thanks
  13. I'll take the Mexico 1891/89 10 centavo off of your hands. Send invoice vial PayPal to ferngar79@yahoo.com.
  14. Hi, I had a question referring to what is variety plus. If a variety is not in the variety plus catalog when sending out to be graded, but in the census, do I still mark as variety plus? The ones I am referring to are Mexico 1977 or 1978 100 pesos DDR, Mexico 1982 libertad DDR #2 and Mexico 1933/2 peso.