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  1. Quintus, i will settle for a Moot and that the Chairman made this decision back in 2012, however i am convinced this is a worthy cause. i shall make a fortune buy NGC from Blackstone and change this policy
  2. hi there Just Bob, your reasoning is very sensible but NGC has no problem doing it for American coins, i can add all my PCGS US coins in the NGC registry. Numismatics is a global hobby that like sport can bring us all together. NGC may well be a US business but world coin collectors are stuck between a black rock and a hard case. Thor
  3. Charles 1 1625-49 Crown, Circulation issue 1937 Proof Set Coinage Coinage (Maundy Penny to Five Pounds)
  4. Hi Ali I am sure Blackstone would be happy to make this investment, as without it it holds back our industry. Did you know that the old traditional way to grade silver and gold was with a Black Stone? i hope my share swings it! Thor
  5. Hi there I have many sets which straddle PCGS and NGC. The American ones can be cross registered but the World Coins can not, this is a grave shortcoming and i hope you agree needs to be addressed immediately Why? because it is insular and makes your company's Registry Set seem biased for those who collect set in your local market rather than international. Yours Thor (Ormus Collection)