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  1. I just double checked my Collection Manager, and am still not seeing it. I logged out and back in, then sorted by "recently added". It's not showing up there. What does this error message mean?
  2. While adding a medal to my registry, I got the following error message: "This coin cannot be added to your inventory at this time. We will review this coin and you will be notified of the results. 1931-DATED PRESIDENT DOUMER DUATEL (72.5mm) BRONZE FRANCE MEDAL MS 63 BN CAC" It appears that the number pulled up the correct description of the medal, but I'm unclear why it is not correctly importing to my inventory. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  3. Why is this a custom set and not a competitive set? So-Called Dollars have far more varieties and are more widely collected than, say US 3 cent pieces or Coins of Zimbabwe.
  4. Any progress on getting a registry set of So-Called Dollars? I have about 1/4 of the series and would love to track all of my certified ones in a single place. Here's an example of one: The 1920 Silver Wilson Dollar, celebrating the opening of the US Mint in Manila: 2121170-001
  5. I'd like a general category for So-Called Dollars. There's an oddly specific category for So-Called Dollars, Wilson Dollars of 1920 (of which I have several, but will probably never have the virtually unobtainable gold example - ~5 were minted). But I'd like a registry set for all So-Called Dollars (of which I have several dozen in NGC & PCGS slabs). ie: NGC 4436414-020 (1933 CA HK-687)