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  1. Wanted to know if 1964-1970 Kennedy circulated and proof, including varieties, could be added to the registry sets?
  2. I need a new slot to add to my lonesome dove collection. 1964 accent hair ddo vp-003 ngc pf67, 4762501-013.and, 3980460-011. 1964-present, complete, including varieties. These 2 coins are currently stationed I n the ms 1964 slot
  3. I have the coin in my competitive coins, but it will not transfer to my competitive sets ngc5903092014 1964-to present complete Kennedy including varieties, lonesome dove collection
  4. Lonesome dove collection Kennedy half dollar 1964 to present complete including varieties qdr fs-802 accented hair , slot name 1964 accented hair fs-802 ngc5903092014
  5. Trying to add ngc 5903092014 qdr fs-802 Kennedy to my lonesome dove collection 1964 to present complete (including varieties) but there is no slot for it. Can you help?
  6. I'll do that, thanks!
  7. Does anyone know when ngc is planning to add vp coins to registry sets