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  1. Hi, My NGC membership ends on 1/28/2021. If I send in a submission and the package is received by 1/28/2021, will they be graded? Obviously, they wouldn't be returned until after the subscription runs out. Would that be a problem? Thanks in advance. -Eric
  2. Hi Paul, Thank you. To update this topic; after getting the information in front of the right people, it sounds like NGC is now working to either provide the COA or make an equivalent compensation. When this situation is cleared up, I will delete this thread. I will continue to use NGC in the future as they still maintain a record of being the best grading service out there. Thanks again for all of the input. -Eric
  3. Thanks Grinz, I will try that. I spoke to a "supervisor" about it. The response was comical. -Eric
  4. Thanks Mr. Shooter, I was very surprised that they tried to stone wall me like that. I asked what we were going to do to make it right and they opted to do nothing. Very strange. Not what I would expect from NGC. I even used a highlighter and wrote "please return the included COA". Thanks for the support. -Eric
  5. Greetings, I sent my first coin in to NGC for conservation and grading. It is a 1989 Guanyin 5 oz gold medal. I sent the COA and asked on the submission form to have it returned with the coin. When I got the coin back in the mail there was a plastic sleeve with a bright post-it note that said *return COA with coin*. There was no COA returned with the coin. When I called and asked, they said it was being sent separately. A week later (today), I called and the representative told me that it's OK and that the COA isn't necessary. On a $20k coin. I have the original mint packaging but no COA now. So, what do you guys think I should do? Obviously I am not happy. I spent $750 for this conservation and grading alone.