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  1. I was agreeing with you and using different language to support what you were saying. Telling me I am pointing out the obvious seems rude. There are multiple members on this message board that bully new members with seriously negative attitudes. A message to NGC: The negative Nancys and bullies on this message board are cutting into your bottom line. I have no desire to spend any more time here or submit further coins. I thought this was a place where people would be helpful but I have found that attitudes that are not shared (or ones that are agreed upon) tend to be done so in a Greek fraternity hazing ritual atmosphere. The numismatic rank and order pushes new collectors away with the supremacy attitude. I'm off to search through clad state quarters, where I will enjoy my time thoroughly.
  2. Mr. Salzburg's letter is for marketing his product and helping NGC's bottom-line. This letter is encouraging people to use his service with the promise of continued value for the collector. However the letter is a showcase of how NGC can make maximum profits while encouraging new collector's to take the financial risk. What a crock of bologna.
  3. That's awesome, so glad to connect with a fellow high grade clad collector. It is difficult searching through modern state quarters to find the ultra gems. There are usually a couple of nicks, machine oil from the mint, or poor strikes. Do you have any tips on how you do it successfully? That's cool Kurt, I collect 67+ as a minimum
  4. Does anyone know where the clad coin collectors hang out online? I want to connect with people that search for high grade state quarters, etc
  5. Yeah Zebo, this is my first membership with ANA. I see it as an opportunity to get an autograph and an oz of silver, plus ANA benefits.
  6. Can you be certain these were "Early Releases" or just a clerical error from a mint worker?
  7. Thanks Greenstang. I have 2 submissions that I am excited to have graded. Is there a place where people talk about when they submitted their orders, what stage of the process it is in, etc? Like a thread where people keep track of where NGC is at in the process? Thanks.
  8. it would be fun to see where everyone is at with the process