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  1. I tried to add to sets but it's shown as in the pictures. How should I do? Please help.
  2. Do we have Thailand Custom Registry set? I can't find it. Could you please help?
  3. can you please make slot in for this 2 coins ? I'm waiting for the results because I want to keep it in my correction set. Thank you so much. ^__^
  4. I have added my coin but the system shown as the picture. Could you please check for me? Thank you so much.
  5. Could you please make slot in for 1995(2006) Thailand gold F.A.O . Ceremony 4 g to this set? Thank you so much.
  6. I have add this gold coin in my inventory. But there is no slot in. I am not sure that you have got the details that I have make a competition set for keep. I want to know that " how long I have to wait for known this coin can competition or not and NGC will make slot in for this coin or not? Thank you so much for your support me. ^__^ Norarat Jeab