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  1. Ok so I was wondering, what is more important to send in IF you had anything YOU thought was worth having graded? A ddo/ddr? Markings on coins? I'm pretty sure I have a 1983 it says it weighs 3.11 so wouldn't that be copper? I'm just asking for your thoughts on what you guys would send in and to whom? I have heard bad things about ANACS...…. Thanks this picture isn't the coin of course but is this MD or no? this is on the LIBERTY and on DATE 1989 penny, turned it every which way and it is there..
  2. Well I have learned something I AM SO GLAD I posted this, I guess I just assumed that all people know about coins that they have on ebay, BUT it all makes sense that they may be new like me, but one thing I will do is contact someone on here before I EVER send something in to be graded so that I don't look like A FOOL doing so LOL Thanks as always for ALL YOUR REPLIES and helping me understand what is REALLY going on!!! THANKS
  3. well I thought FOR SURE that these people would know if it was real or not...… as for me I would DEFINITELY have to ask people before I would know bc I have thought several times I had found something to only turn out... NOT!! ok well @kbbpll that makes more sense and NOW I'm not so discouraged I am new at this business... THANKS GUYS FOR ALWAYS HELPING ME!!!!!
  4. No but I thought a 1969s dd penny was something worth looking for but when I looked on eBay, well not so much!! I guess I will stick to looking for the 1982 penny and such
  5. sell your coins IF you thought you ever had anything of value? Would you have it graded first? I am just curious, I see things on ebay that I thought may have been valuable and then go look on there and coins are selling for pennies...... I don't understand how in the world would you know if you ever had anything worth anything with ebay content saying otherwise... Don't get it!!! The Couch Collectibles etc says this sold for $10,000 and then almost same coin for $20 dollars on ebay LOL just don't know anymore Thanks I know you guys know what you're talking about though so any comments???
  6. ell me what this is? I see it so much on my coins..... THANK YOU~~~~
  7. Thank you Mister VK I'll hopefully get this someday, been trying to learn for a year now, I really enjoy it tho, actually I've learned a lot since I first started. LOL Just haven't been able to capture/learn this DD stuff yet. THANK YOU THO for all the help.
  8. Dang it!!!! But this isn't a shadow it's an actual line, so I may never get this......LOL Mr. Greenstang How can you tell the difference? I don't understand... I watched the video and thought I had understood, GUESS NOT!!! AS ALWAYS, Thank you for helping me. I love looking and finding what I do anyway, so much excitement and I am trying to take some coins to the bank to return but I will keep others for my 10 y/o
  9. I found this 1990 Quarter and I SWEAR this is a true DD on his nose and goes over his head, it's so cool. I am sending 10 coins into grading company soon bc I have 1964 RED penny and a 1968 too I LOVE THIS STUFF LOL
  10. Thank you BOTH for helping me. MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!
  11. Hey Greenstang, Just Bob posted me a link in when to tell doubling that I just seen on here and NOW I think understand a whole lot better, Thank you guys for all your help I wish I could delete my posts but I don't think I can.
  12. THANKS Just Bob I just read this article, so it is Definitely a true doubling that which is NO DENYING the doubling, so all this other I find is just machine doubling. and I need to look for a SPLIT in the lettering also. THANKS so much now I know then.
  13. Is this doubling on the "T"'s and it's not like this on any other letter. Thanks