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  1. Was there a reason that wasnt charged up front? Just wondering
  2. I sent my submission in and it was recd 06-26 On 06/26 I was charged 238. under invoice CC00434606 Submission 5955776 This morning the submission was in imaging and finalizing Now today I get an email that on 07/13 I am being charged 30. under CC00436326 and now its back in grading/QC Can someone explain this to me?
  3. NGC should have a special designation available to all that is unique for the Morgans, lots of time to make something special for the regular customers.
  4. Mine to was delivered on the 9th
  5. Thanks for all you did to help me on this. Great customer service Edward
  6. Is there a way to add the "early release" label if we didnt know to ask for it, payment inst a concern and FYI the coin was recd last week and still in the ER process dates? Edward