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  1. Well anybody else get robbed by U.S. Mint today August 10th, 2021? Yours personally had 6 coins in cart.. 3 of the 2021 Morgan's and 3 of 2021 Peace dollars. Put all info in credit card name etc..etc..went to place order and a page would pop up.. cannot access the page your looking for.. tried 7 times.. so now 30 minutes has gone by... check order again and a red warning said something like... there is an error in you order please adjust or something.. but it turns out the 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars are now unavailable.. so how can someone have items in cart and then not get them..I emailed U.S. Mint to ask them to honor my purchase.. but I am not expecting them to do anything.. if they do not honor my order purchase.. this coin collector will not ever buy another coin from U.S. Mint.. this has happened before.. I thought they got it all straightened out.. guess not.. good luck..
  2. Ya I had 6 in my cart 3 of the 2021 Morgan's and 3 of the 2021 Peace dollars.. clicked on place order 7 times.. cannot access this page came up each time.. then finally it showed a red warning that there is something wrong with your order.. ya the coins are no longer available.. sent email to U.S. Mint Customer service and asked them to honor my purchase.. is totally criminal to have items in your cart all payment methods in..and the mint takes the coins away from you.. if the Mint does not honor my order.. I am all done buying any thing from the Mint..
  3. Not sure what the Mint has up their sleeve.. what surprises they have coming down the pike.. just have to wait and see.. and be ready to pounce.. get the credit card cleaned up.. . over and out..
  4. Hey has anybody been able to purchase a 2021 Type 1 Silver Eagle in O.G.P.? I have purchased 2 of the 2021 Type 1 Eagles MS-70, but have not seen the U.S. Mint offer them for sale. Anybody know what the skinny is on that? Checking U.S. Mint 2021 Product Schedule.. and no see any 2021 Type 1 Eagles for sale. How do they all get out into the marketplace and us common folk only have option to buy from secondary market? Seems odd.. so guess I should prepare myself for more surprises later in the year from the Mint.. ok.. stay healthy
  5. Ya took a grading class on line through A.N.A. Numatics Association.. so went to auction and bought a 1893 Morgan.. looked like a Au-55 with luck a AU-58.. got it home and it looks more like an AU-50 or anther lessoned learned.. a man has got to know his limitations.. lol.. stay healthy and good luck on the grading ..
  6. Well have been attempting to contact U.S. Mint for my return of the Mayflower s.n.a.f.u. have confirmed delivery on Nov. 23rd for the return, today is Dec. 10th..and no reply... nothing.. wake up U.S. Mint customer service.. phone calls put on hold.. after 15 minutes hung up.. second time after 10 hung up.. emails go unanswered... maybe I should send a healthy
  7. Hey you ever go the Canadian Mint web site a scroll through some of the designs they have out for the public.. not to shabby... stay healthy.. have purchased a few of the Canada Mint it..
  8. Hello, it was like not sure but 6-7 months ago.. the same request.. but the bill in congress was H.R.-3757 and a couple weeks ago it had I think 67 co-sponsors. Now this new coin act bill H.R.-6192 has 16 co-sponsors.. so in our Congress if a bill doesn't get the needed co-sponsors in a certain amount of time it gets trashed? I called I think 3 of representatives from my state Minnesota.. way back this winter but none of them had co-sponsored as of two weeks ago when the bill was still H.R.-3757....I think the bill needs 237 co-sponsors to move on in the process.. ok..over and out.. stay healthy..
  9. Hey thanks for that info. One thing.. I have no clue how to tell the surface is altered...I look at with my loupes..and it looks like the Eagle was stamped on top of the blank?? Hey you think NGC would want to use the coin in one of there courses they teach about coin grading? I would gladly just send it shipping of thanks..
  10. Hello, novice collector here. Sent in a batch of Morgan's and couple of Peace Dollars to get graded.. learned a ton..ok got one back with the says NOT ENCAPSULATED ALTERED SURFACE.. then gives s/n ..ok question.. is this coin counterfeit? And if so.. any coin detectives out there.. I have printed copies of the auction I purchased it at.. time and date.. ok..thanks over and out.. stay healthy.. peace
  11. Hi, I have a complete set of Silver Eagles.. MS-69 with all the 2015,16,17, lost for the word.. extra mintage.. and awaiting the 2020 MS-69 to really finish it. But is ANACS certified.. any plans in the future for NGC and ANACS to join. Was just at ANACS web site.. and for some reason my coins do not register with them. I have called.. but no luck. So can you register a complete set like that..all I think it will be 44 coins total.. ok thanks..
  12. Hello, well not sure how many other coiners are going to ask this but here I go. I recently picked up a couple of the 2019 U.S. Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof set.. very very nice.. but my question is being that there are 8 coins in the set.. can a person get a multi graded coin holder for this set.. and if so.. I wonder what it might cost... I think I saw cut off date for early release was Nov. 18th..thank you ...peace
  13. Hey thanks for the info.. appreciate it..
  14. Hey just signed up on NGC was wondering what is the duration of memberships..are they one time for long time or are memberships like 6 months or a year or whatever..thanks for constructive input..peace