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  1. good i have the coins of carlos and juana from mexico and they are not being put in competitive set 4333273-012 of these coins can be found in the catalog of aureo calico and are a great number to compete and extremely difficult are about 26 coins I do not know if you need some help to make the set or can you pull catalog and process it as this is happening to me with many of my colonial coins and could help them to process all this, as many collectors do not certify them to not score for the world ranking as many want Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  2. I need category for all these coins 4333273-012 5953046-020 4673353-025 4673353-001 4673353-002 4831078-044 4427858-013 4491186-066 2821133-001
  3. I send you the numbers of the missing coins with category 4333273-012 4495900-565 4831083-003 4495900-295 4831081-009 4831078-001 4327482-015 4495900-564 4743509-011 4495900-073 4495900-078 4495900-286 4495900-184 4495900-068 4824322-005
  4. good can create a category for all pieforts of the gold panama series, send the numbers of mine so they can see them 5936346-001 5936346-002 5936346-003 5936346-004 5936346-005
  5. ngc 2852502-025 esta moneda la tienen incluida en las de 1 balboa ms pero es la unica moneda pf del grupo y no deveria estar entre este grupo mas cuando una sola moneda puntua mas que el 99% de las otras monedas gracias
  6. moneda nº 4436274-024 1820 lima JP peru 2 reales se solicita un set competitivo podria ser los siguientes 1- 2 reales peru colonial 2- 2 reales ferdinan VII