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  1. Good Morning Ms. Ali; Hope everything are doing fine on your side. I would like to request for a new category set for China, Copper Medals in Mint State, It was observed that only Proof exist. "China~Commemorative, Medals, Copper, ----- to date, Mint State" Hoping for your further endeavor and assistance on this incoming set. 5820444-054 as example. Best Regards; Filipinas Bullion / Noel
  2. Dear Ms. Ali; Fine greetings and hope you're doing fine today. Just for a kind correction, can you change the description of these coins: 5809987-004, 5809987-034 into (2020) COPPER DRAGON & PHOENIX 45*27mm - ANTIQUE - MS Also, please add as requested in my competitive set as requested on the slot. China - Commemorative > Dragon and Phoenix Medal Set, 2018-Date, Mint State and Proof Thank you very much; Best regards; Filipinas Bullion / Noel
  3. Hi Ms. Ali, Already added the two coins in: 5805838-043 & 5805840-044 Category: China - Commemorative Set Name: Dragon and Phoenix Medal Set, 2018-Date, Mint State and Proof. (5805838-043 & 5805840) Can you please also add on this category another more slot for: Medal (2020) China Copper, Dragon and Phoenix, 45*27mm-First Release, MS70, Antiqued - Cert No. 5809987-004 These 2 types of Dragon and Phoenix coins were also illegible for copper medals PF, China - Commemorative Copper Medals, 2004-Date, Proof Can you add a slot as well on this category, my cert numbers: 5805838-044 5805840-043 "I got 2 sets of these coins and looking forward to put them in two different competitive sets." One set for: China, Commemorative - Dragon and Phoenix Medal Set, 2018-Date, Mint State and Proof. Another set for: China, Commemorative - Copper Medals, 2004-date, Proof Thank you and best regards, Filipinas Bullion
  4. Hi Ms. Ali; Can you help what category this coin will fit. 2018 1/2oz Silver Smithsonian Collection Barber's Dragon NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 4860075-105 Thank you and best regards; Filipinas Bullion
  5. Hi Ms. Ali; I hope you are safe and in good health as always. Just waiting inclusion for these Certs if they are on their way? 5809987-004 5809987-044 5805838-043 5805838-044 5805840-043 5805840-044 They are all in inventory and slot requested, awaiting your feedback if everything are ok. Meantime, can you put me in good direction with the cert 5820444-054, Can you make an MS for medal as new category or it may be suitable for any existing. Another item, i would like request a slot for China, Commemorative, 2007-Date, Silver medals including re-strikes, Proof - Cert Number 5817021-018. They are all in, as well in the inventory and awaiting for your feedback. Thank you in advance, and have a great day. Regards; Filipinas Bullion
  6. Good Day Ali; 1. Can you add a slot for: China - Commemorative, Silver Medals, Including Restrikes, 2007-Date, Proof - 1999-2019 Macau, CN China - Macau SAR Silver 20th Anniversary of Macau SAR 60G - Cert No. 4970217-091, coin already in inventory. 2. Can you advise where to add: 2020 Niue S$1 Athenian Owl - Cert No. 4970847-009, coin already in inventory. Thank you again as always for your help. Regards; Filipinas Bullion
  7. Hi Ms. Ali, good day to you; May i request for a new category set for Tuvalu: PF S$20 Cert No.: 4970847-005, Tuvalu 1994 Endangered Wildlife - Dugong Thank you very much Regards Filipinas Bullion
  8. Hi Ms. Ali; Would you help me for this coin - Hungary 25For, Bela Batok, Cert 4970391-089 Regards; Filipinas Bullion
  9. Hi Ms. Ali; I'm back again, good day, Can you check where to fit these coins already added to inventory. - Hungary 25For, Bela Batok, Cert 4970391-089 - Cook Island, S5$ Ferrari, Cert 2099918-021 Thank you in advance Regards; Filipinas Bullion
  10. Hi Ali; These coin you've already approved and inserted in my inventory recently, 1. NGC # 3888650-442, please approve new set or what existing set to be inserted. 2. Also, recently asked with AH1187//8 Turkey 2Z, KM-402 AU58 Cert No. 2793930-041 for new set category. It may be not seen from list because all of the coins have response except this coin which already approved in inventory. Thank you very much for the full effort regarding these coins. Filipinas Bullion/Noel Cabe
  11. Dear Ali; Recently Purchased these NGC Coins, Can you check the following and review, Advise also new set category: India Bengal, 1749 Rupee - Cert 3888650-442, MS63 (For Review first) Please add these coin which already in my inventory to a new category set that may be suitable: Austria, 1860, 1/4 Florin - Cert 3589851-002, MS62 Hungary, 1938, 5 Pengo - Cert 2776970-004, MS62 Colombia, 1941, 10 Centavos - Cert 2628483-009, MS64 Vatican, 1987, 1000 Lire - Cert 3753727-014, MS68 Turkey, AH1187//8, 2 Zolota - Cert 2793930-041, AU58 Belgium, 1864, 10 Centimes - Cert 3808280-002, MS65 Appreciate your assistance on these coins. Regards; Filipinas Bullion
  12. Can you advise how i can include my 2014 ASE with MLB WORLD SERIES Labels. Is it necessary to make a new set for MLB world series or an insertion to normal bullion with special pedigrees. Hoping to hear further information. NGC Cert 3972307-083 & 3972575290 Thanks.
  13. Can you add new set for: Tristan da Cunha - Platinum Pound sterling (decimalized, 1971-date) NGC Cert Number 3321343-453