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  1. The Alpha generation is almost over (ending in 2025) Generation Beta is on deck. I am "all in" on Beta, that is...until Moot Points rears its head. And with them; THE END.
  2. Lovely addition. Would you happen to know if this holder is embedded with a computer chip enabling Near-Field Technology?
  3. I will assume you are aware that all the so-called "re-strikes" (the French refer to as "re-distributed," covering the years 1907 to 1914, were minted in 1921 and again during the 1950's and 1960's. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Incidentally, everything you've written above is as true today as it ever was.
  4. That's true, but the option to me is unappealing. If you were born between 1928 and 1945, you are a member of the "Post-War Cohort," otherwise known as the Silent Generation comprised of Radio Babies and Traditionalists. So what'll it be, Great Zadok?
  5. I would imagine one's account would be credited. The one and only thing that bothers me about them are the wild gyrations. If you are young, you are willing to take calculated risks. If you are old, not so much. (And if you are Robert Durst, not at all.)
  6. The Melt has been cited as immutable fact by every authoritative source I have consulted with many citing even the years in which it is said to have occurred. Between 1914 (last year of issue) and 2021, the French population grew to 65 million from 40 million. Over 117 million 20-franc gold roosters were minted. I don't know what happened to all the copper cents here, or whether melting was a factor, but then again, maybe the explanation is as simple as storage due to their precious metal content whether in the attic or a safety deposit box. Considering billions of cents are minted yearly, maybe I will get a plausible explanation at the convention. Just gotta be patient and wait.
  7. You're right. It totally slipped my mind. Thanks!
  8. Cryptic currency... Now there's a scheme or scam that never caught m y eye. This might appeal to the pi-guy a/k/a @physics-fan3.14 whose password only he has committed to memory however many decimal places are required. A Long-time member votes thumbs down on it, notably without explanation. I am not well-versed in crypto-cuneiform but no one is to assume it's because I know absolutely nothing about it, though that happens to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. What I would like to hear from is someone who is intimately familiar with the subject whether lodged in a gaol or presently a ward of the state for life. After all, it wasn't the crypto schtick that got the schmuck in trouble. It was the cooperating source or paid informant who heeded the advice of opposing counsel when he barked: "Better talk now; the train is leaving the station!" I should like nothing better than to hear from a staunch advocate of this form of play money, or a referral to an authoritative source, such as: Crypto for Dummies. 🐓
  9. With all due respect, Great One, my indigent status entitles me to free legal insistence. Whether the seller chooses to refuse refunding my money, or not, I am not the type to settle amicably. I am going to let someone somewhere decide once and for all exactly what constitutes a Brilliant Uncirculated coin and why I do not have a right to know exactly what interval my coin lies along the technically 10-part BU continuum. One generation too late? It's never too late to correct an injustice.
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed what you've written... even if, as a writer, you misspelled insight, as incite. 😉
  11. My [French-speaking] wife, then 60 and homeless at the time, refused to allow me to accompany her to a NYC office in cutoff jeans, shirt not fully buttoned and tucked in, with a newspaper tucked in my back pocket. She said I looked like a vagabond. I countered with: "You don't go all dressed up to the welfare office!" She relented and I watched her shopping cart and hand truck outside while she took are of her business inside.