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  1. Issue resolved - I found the post in this chat room
  2. United Kingdom - Great Britain Sovereigns and bullion, Britannia, Gold 2oz, 200 Pounds, 2019-Date, Proof Many thanks NGC Cert Nos 6027791-001 6029146-001
  3. Hi - I am trying to create a new set for UK Gold 2oz £200 Britannia Proof Coins, 2019 to date. These coins are now on their 3rd release. Every time I try and and ask NGC to create a new set, it just hangs, I have tried on Google Chrome and Safari Can someone help please? Many thanks Mike
  4. Whenever I try and post to ask NGC/NCS forum - it just shows my post as pending and it doesn't change from this?
  5. Hi - have a batch of 6 coins that were submitted to the UK NGC office on 5 December 2020, submission ends 349. The weren't received in the US until 28 December, but they are still shown as "Scheduled for Grading", whereas coins I submitted later are already in "Grading/Quality Control". Is it possible for some to give these coins a nudge please, and also to confirm that they will all get the 1st releases label, as although they weren't received in the US until after the cut-off, they were receipted by the UK well in advance of the cutoff. Currently they are not all showing as having been designated with the first releases label. Many thanks Mike