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  1. I see NGC now placed the proper photo in the "Obverse" photo area. However, they put that same photo of my obverse slab in the "Reverse" photo area instead of the large photo of the reverse of this 1908 Indian. For the time being I deleted the incorrect photo in that "Reverse" photo area. I cannot add the correct large Reverse photo of the 1908 Indian, as whenever I try, the slab obverse photo comes back. Hopefully NGC can do for this reverse photo area what they successfully did for the Obverse photo area (in getting my desired photo for that area in place). Thanks, greatly appreciated. Steve
  2. I know how to properly use the Replace Photo and Delete Photo functions, as I have successfully used them in the past. However, in my Indian Head Cent set, for my 1908 cent, I cannot get rid of the True View photo which is occupying the Obverse photo spot. When I use the Replace function to replace it with my obverse slab photo, the “circle” goes around but the TrueView photo pops back into that space. When I use the Delete function, yes, the TrueView photo does get deleted, but then when I go to add a new Obverse photo of the obverse of my slab, the “circle” goes around but the TrueView photo appears instead of the photo of the obverse of my slab. I’ve tried this on both my desktop and my iPad with the same results. Can you help me? (I’ve been told by others in the past that I do indeed need “professional” help, lol). Steve
  3. Fully understood! In this case, it’s clear that coin photos and comments will not help me, since I’m behind the six others with the same point scores due to me having a lower percentage of the coins graded by NGC. I understand that, and also fully agree with the rationale! Thanks. Steve
  4. This question might be in the wrong area. If so, can the moderator please move it to the correct section? Thanks. I recently entered a new set. In the 21st Century Type Set, Proofs Only, in the Registry, my set has 5,741 points, the same EXACT amount as six other collectors. However, four of those others are each ranked as tied at #1, another is at #2, another at #3, and I’m back at rank #4. Why is that, and what do I need to do with my set composition to move up in rank?
  5. Due to the “Gold Rush”, which started in 1848, gold became a LOT more plentiful, and as a result, dropped in value. But our coins made of silver and gold required specified amounts of the metal (90% silver), with the weights of the coins tied to the prior very steady values of gold and silver. With the value of gold dropping, the value of silver rose, and the value of the amount of silver in our coins became worth more than the face value of our coins. As such, people were hoarding silver coins and not spending them. The U.S. government then passed a law in February 1853 reducing the weight and silver content of our silver coins (Half Dime through the Half Dollar). However, the law provided an exception for the Dollar coin to not be reduced in size or weight. To “alert” the public of the reduced amount of silver in the new coins (so people would spend the coins and not hoard them), the legislation called for arrows to be placed on all new, reduced silver coins. Hence the arrows on coins started in 1853. Although the weight and silver content remained unchanged after 1855, it was decided to remove the arrows starting with 1856 coinage since the public knew the silver content remained reduced. This long-winded but very interesting story is the reason for my request to have you create a new Registry Type Set - a four coin denomination design set of the new coins with arrows, ranging from 1853 - 1855 - a Half Dime, Dime, Quarter, and Half Dollar. My cert numbers are PCGS 39890171, 25665852, 10007282, and 39425230. Please advise. Thanks. Steve Feiertag
  6. Two suggestions for new sets: 1. Since we have Lincoln Cents one per date from 1909 - 1933, and another set of Lincoln Cents one per date from 1909 - Prestent, how about adding a set for those of us that just collect Lincoln Wheat Cents - one per date Lincoln Wheat Cents1909 - 1958? You already have that same set for that year range for just Lincoln wheat cents, but it's much more expensive since it's not one per year. Thanks. 2. Since Proof Sets resumed in 1936 annually through 1942, and then stopped until it resumed again in 1950, how about creating a set of U.S. Proofs 1936 -1942?