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  1. thank you very much for your input Mohawk . the buyer fully knew what they was buying they was sent over 15 diff photos and 2 videos. and like i said i bought it from silvertowne a big time player in the game and i bought it in person because i only live 6 miles away so i really dont seeing it being a fake there whole argument is the spacing between the 9 and 6 ? thats "how they know 100% its fake" but from everyone i have looked at online from jb and ampex ect. the spacing looks spot on to me the bought it knowing exactly what the condition was and only for 8$ over spot even tho she looks BAD i have seen worse sell for more just due to it being proof and a 96
  2. first off thanks to anyone that help i bought this 1996p proof from a well well well known lcs (silvertowne) never once have i had an issue well i sold this ase and the buyer clams it is fake yes i know there is wear on the date and coin itself also it is beat up but they say it is fake due to the date can anyone help thank you