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  1. Hello Ali E., Thank you for your kind response and additional feedback. All the best to all on the NGC staff.
  2. Thank you Maribeth, Would you please guide me to the source or public place where "rarity" is determined for coins in the Type B & C Washington Quarter category sets? All the best,
  3. Hello Maribeth, Thank you for responding to each of my posts! Thank you for talking with Kevin, the NGC Price Analyst, about adding Type B & C Washington Quarters to the NGC Price Guide, maybe as soon as September, 2021. With regard to the secret NGC scoring algorithm proprietary only to NGC, not available to owners of the coins or to members of a NGC Set Registry, is someone joking? Can you imagine ANY company inviting its customers to compete without making the rules AVAILABLE to all who accept the invitation? Please ask the appropriate person(s) if they think such a concept is outdated, unreasonable, and, quite frankly, a bit on the ridiculous side? What reason could possibly justify concealing the rules of competition from the invited competitors? When the rules are transparent and available to ≥≤≥≥all who choose to compete, then it becomes far easier for anyone to understand NGC judgements.436786767iouuooi.//≥ Of course it would make it clearer for Set Registry members about whether or not to question decisions about set registry point.
  4. Hello Maribeth, Thank you for your response. Please show me the algorithm NGC uses to determine Set Registry points for coins in my NGC set. Also, please guide me to the source that NGC uses to determine "rarity" of Type B & C Washington Quarters. Upon seeing the weights given to subjective factors, such as eye appeal, that could help me understand NGC's registry points better. Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Hello Washington Quarter variety Type B & C collectors: It seems that NGC has the Set Registry Points assigned to various high grade coins in this special area far askew from reality. Granted that NGC "rarity" seems to include coins graded by NGC, PCGS, and no telling which others different than NGC. Nonetheless, the company lists a population of "1" for a 1958 NGC Type B MS67 Washington Quarter with none higher. Yet, its Set Registry point system allows the base grade of MS67 a mere 450 points? Yes, PCGS list a pop. of 1 at MS67 and a pop. of 1 at 67+ with none higher. Yet the company assigns base grade MS67+ 1713 points. At the same time NGC award a 1959 Type B MS67 Washington Quarter 3,386 points. In its description of set registry points NGC cites "rarity" and a Mysterious "algorithm" as factors. However, NGC does not make those factors clear to collectors for coins they own on NGC's Set Registry. Hopefully, someone will direct me toward clarity on this issue. Many thanks,
  6. Thank you for the excellent question. The answer provided about clicking links/ hot text etc. was not something that I could understand. Please guide me to a place where score values for a certain variety of Washington Quarters can be found. Many thanks!