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  1. Thank you so much for your help and consideration. I was thinking that was the correct way to read it, but wasn't sure and wanted to check with an expert. Have a blessed one
  2. I just received my V75 ASE back from NGC grading. It came back PF70 UC, which is wonderful of course. My question is, when I looked at my grade on my online submission, it showed this. Could someone please explain what the 1,904 /0 mean & what Top Pop is to a first time submitter? Tia Total Graded by NGC In PF 70 UC: 1,904 In Higher Grades: 0 Top Pop
  3. I see I'm not the only one getting anxious.. I feel your pain Hadecolliday. My V75 Silver ASE was delivered to NGC on November 30. This was my first submission to boot. Looking on eBay at the same coins made me realize just how busy NGC must be, as most of the sold and for sale V75"s are NGC graded. Seeing the comment to your post doesn't make waiting any easier. Looks like they're still a week away from mine. Happy hunting and have a Blessed Holiday.