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  1. Another possible and available Lincoln coin are several Civil War tokens with Lincoln’s portrait. Although not official, there are several on EBay now NGC certified with Lincoln’s portrait. Also cool that these were made during Lincoln’s lifetime as well...
  2. Hi Ali, Another request. Can you please add the 2016 S$5 Proof Bull Shark to the “Fiji $5 Proofs 2011-present”. Thank you, Chris
  3. Just a thought if it ever happens again...EBay is pretty useless, but PayPal isn’t. They have a 6 month window (handy on some ancients that ended up coming back as Not Genuine from NGC) and you can propose a partial refund to close the dispute also, which is what you were looking for. If the seller never responds to PayPal, you get a full refund and keep the coin. If for some reason, the seller decides they will refund you on you returning the coin, you can always still say no and simply close the case. PayPal has saved me numerous times from unscrupulous sellers. Just an alternative thought...
  4. My Eastern Roman Emperors are almost complete! This will go to NGC once I accumulate a few more needed ancients. Arcadius:
  5. Congratulations on your retirement. Sounds like you have a teriffic plan on staying active! Best wishes!!
  6. Hi Ali, can you please add slots for the 2017 Falkland Islands proof crowns, with motto and no motto into the set: Falkland Islands, Crown, 2005-Date. Thanks chris
  7. Hi Ali, Can you please add the 2017 Sand Dollar S$1 UCAM Proof to the Palau Set- “Dollar, 1992-Date, Proof and Prooflike”. thanks
  8. Hi Ali, on Jan 11, I was recognized for 9 best sets. Today, 6 of my 9 awards were taken away and given to lower ranking sets. Only 3 of my #1 sets remained with awards. All 9 of these sets were ranked #1 before and after the deadline on Dec 7 and none were ever obscured sets. I’m at a total loss as to why 6 of my 9 awards would have been taken from me. Any help or explanation would be appreciated. Thanks. Chris
  9. Hi Ali, could you please add the following coins to the respective world sets: 1. Category: Great Britain-Decimal (1971-date) Set Type: Two Pounds-Commemorative, Elizabeth II, 1997-date, mint state coin requested- 2019 Silver Buckingham Palace, Landmarks of Britain 2. Category: South Korea Silver Official Mint Medals, 2013-date, mint state and proof coin requested- 2018 1 oz S Korea Silver, Korean Tiger (4818367-142) 3. Category: Australia - Commemorative Set Type: Silver Dollars, 2009-Date, Mint State coins Requested- 2018P Australia S$1 Bird of Paradise (4818869-061) 2019 Australia S$1 Bottlenose Dolphin Thanks Ali Chris