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  1. Thank you RWB for your input. Wouldn't there be many of these types of forgerys around ?
  2. Im still waiting for Anacs to send back the Lone Ranger..Stay tuned !
  3. Okay, heroes the front side view "obverse" of the "Lone Ranger"
  4. Thank you,Im going to put some obverse pictures of the "lone ranger ". Hopefully everyone can get a better feel for it being a real or rare penny.
  5. Hi Mr Rick, Thank you for your input. I understand all the negativity that Im getting from this penny. I never knew that there was never a error for this year. My wife and I are new at penny collecting and enjoy it very much. Its only been a couple of years as collectors but we are hooked.. Jim
  6. Unfortunately your probably right..I will know soon if you and all the others are right. It seems that when something out of the ordinary appears most collectors/ enthusiets aren't prepared for something other than the voices of professionals. Im getting the whole picture. If it isn't listed or already been found than it's got to be fake. So far I've been offered quite a bit of money for this fake/forgery penny without having it graded. Maybe I should take the money .loll Jim
  7. Thank you sir..Ill post the results the penny as soon as Anacs returns it to me graded.. Hopefully Im not grading a fake penny as you mentioned but if it is fake at least I can say that I tried. If not fake than I can say I found a error 1931s penny ! Jim
  8. Thank Condor101,at least your info is informative. Your input thus far is really all I have got on this penny. Ill know in a couple of weeks after it has been analyzed/graded by Anacs. Jim
  9. Thank Mr woodenjefferson for your time and support. I keep running into dead ends for information about this dang penny. Jim, btw,,Im calling it the "Lone Ranger"
  10. Hopefully these pictures will help.I only have a android phone for a camera
  11. Thank you all for your replies. The major error is under the words "e pluribus unum". We just had a coin show here in Vegas and Anacs grading company was there. I showed them the penny and all of the different errors and they were taken back with shock at all the errors. They advised me to have graded which by the way I did.I submitted it at their advise. They also said that if this coin is a error, it would be the only 1931s ever recorded with any type of error. Im looking forward to hearing from any and all with any info on this penny. Jim
  12. Does anyone know if a 1931s penny has ever been recorded with a error ?