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  1. The Registry has the Peru 20 centavos coins covered all the way to 1951. How about either continuing the last set or adding a new set for 1951-1965. To be really complete there was one issued in 1975. Here's an NGC example: 5848624-009.
  2. I am requesting a new set for Chile 20 Centavos, 1852-1920, circulation issues with recognized varieties. Here is an NGC cert for the 1881: 3896489-057.
  3. I spoke with NGC's customer "service" today and was told, rather curtly, that if a coin variety is not already on their list of recognized varieties, it will not be. Period! So...collectors, if you want your variety coin certified I guess the only grading company that wants your business is PCGS.
  4. The 2010 Canada $2 (Toonie) has two varieties which are not presently recognized by NGC. The variations involve the number of edge serrations; 16 vs 14. PCGS recognizes them and I have the 16 serration variety in a PCGS holder, 84695161 and the 14 serration variety in uncertified state. I also have an NGC certified coin without the designation. If I submit these for certification will NGC add the variety designation? Thanks, Larry
  5. To CBC: I don't have a 45P in my set. Would you be interested in another coin, or in selling yours? Larry
  6. Thanks Ali. You're the best!
  7. OK here goes. I have a 1964 Canada silver dollar in NGC MS64, Pop 6/1. I would trade for another Canada silver dollar in MS65. Check my DADSCADS set to see what I don't have. I would also trade for Canada Loons, Toonies or Nickel dollars in MS69.
  8. I'm not completely computer illiterate, but how would we set up the trading post? I was thinking that if NGC did it we would have a built in safety net. We would need two side by side lists, one for WANTED and one for TO TRADE. If it were done by country and then coin denomination it would be easier to correlate needs and wants.
  9. In my set of Canadian Commemorative Dollars there are two coins in incorrect slots. Cert # 4087272-018 belongs in slot 57. Cert # 4087272-016 belongs in slot 61. For comparison, look at the coins in slots 52 thru 56. Thanks, Larry
  10. How does NGC ship coins that have been graded and do they supply tracking numbers? Thanks, Larry
  11. What are the chances of NGC creating a Trading Post where members with duplicate certified coins can trade with each other?
  12. I am a huge fan of Canadian silver coins and enjoy displaying my competitive coins in the NGC Registry. These coins are typically easier to find in ICCS holders than in NGC slabs. The large Canadian auction houses list almost all their coins in the ICCS holders, generally with additional adjectives like GEM, Superb, etc. Beware. Their goal is to get the highest bids possible, not to accurately describe the coins. I just had 7 Canadian silver dollars from 1949 to 1967 crossed from ICCS to NGC. The original grades ranged from 64-66. Two crossed at the same grade and one crossed from 64 to 65. The other 4 crossed lower; one by two grades, 65 to 63. A simple rule, which I will follow, is Never buy a coin sight unseen if it is in an ICCS holder. Probably a good rule generally.
  13. Thanks. The PCGS certification number is 84319097.
  14. I just received notice that PCGS coins are not allowed in Puerto Rico sets since PCGS coins are not admitted in "World" sets. I believe this is a mistake since PR is a US Territory. Besides, many of the existing PR sets already contain PCGS coins. C'mon guys.
  15. Wow! I don't whether my post or my talk with Customer Service today had anything to do with it, but my submission was moved to the next status level today! Woohoo! Lisa, if you had a hand in this I thank you very much. Larry